Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


But reading that we should have had an open draw last year for our semi and not Whitehall away(as that is from 2012),and the year before that our quarter final against Finbarrs should have been in the boggies not Clondalkin.Also it says relegation is an open draw or I’m I wrong


You’re not letting go of last year, are you.


I am trying but your right can’t let it go


Probably a good thing you did not beat Whitehall and go up to A championship. Be fairly embarrassing not being able to field a team in the A championship


I was only saying that to one of the lads yesterday,that and the only place we would have beaten Whitehall would be the bar of the blacker. In fairness it was fairly embarrassing giving walk over in the B


wat way does tat leave yous for next year will yous be entering a team in the inter champo hearing a few rumors tat some of your players mite be looking to go elsewhere to play be an awful shame after all the work yous put in to get to were yous were.


We held a meeting and it was left to the lads to decide what they want to do, 20 want to play hurling so we have agreed to start training early and see have we enough committed players


As for lads looking else where, if we dont have a team a number of local clubs have kindly said they would happily accommodate some of our lads.but if we have enough committed lads nobody goes any where.


good stuff hopefully it works out for yous im sure there would be clubs interested in one or to of your players but its never nice to see a player have to leave his own club.


Rightly so. Hopefully all will be committed


Anybody got anyword on semi final dates and venues yet


5th Parnell Park
6.45 & 8.15


Which match is 645 do you know?


Scroll through Dublingaa website fixtures…

Plunketts/Crokes 6.45
Faughs/TDavis 8.15


Is that confirmed


Its on dublin GAA website but DCB still have to send email confirming fixtures still to be sent out.


He wasn’t keen. He didn’t play for them, I reckon they could have done with him. I’d say a few of the players on that team aren’t too happy about it TBH.


Draw for the winners of the Senior B/Intermediate playoff


Going to go with Faughs and Plunkets,so get you money on Davis and crokes


Ill go Plunketts and Davis’s