Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


It wasn’t last year winner of match involving top of group A were at home to winner of match involving runner up in group B


Wasn’t last year Home venues too for teams that topped group . Last year Whitehall and I think olafs had home Q and Semi finals


I thought the same, but isn’t the A champo and both senior fball champs open semi final draws?


No home advantage in senior A and 4 groups so when they get to semis you could have 4 group winners hence open draw I think


Senior B football is played at neutral venues, you’d nearly think that county board don’t love their hurling as much as football!


Wouldn’t it make sense to avoid a repeat fixture?

Have the top of one group play the third place from the other.


Quarter finals are first V Fourth
Second v third

First and second placed teams play at home

Semifinals are
Group winners or whoever beats them in opposite semi finals with home advantage


Faughs v TDavis
Plunketts v Kilmacud Crokes


when are the semis on? thanks


W/e 7th. Times and venues tbc at Tuesday’s CCC meeting. So looks like no home advantages as previous years.


How can that be last year we went to Whitehall .when was this changed, is there no vote,or is there someone in the country board that wakes up one day and makes a desission and tells the rest of the board.


Looks like it was an open draw for all the hurling championships. A lot of repeat pairings from the groups.


Spoke to our country board delegate he didn’t know it changed so can anyone tell me when it did and who proposed the change


It was sent out in the regulations at the start of the year

Draw for quarter-finals – 1st placed team in
groups’ v 2 nd placed teams in groups (Group A v. B, C v. D). Open draw for semi-final.


So are they neutral venues this year then?


Far play,but that’s senior A as there are only 2 group’s in the b
But why the change

  1. Where possible adult championship semi-finals and finals shall be played at neutral venues.

The adult Hurling Championships shall be played according to the Hurling Competition Plan as passed
by Co. Committee for 2012. In SHC A 16 entries shall be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each to play a
round robin league competition. The top two teams in each group to qualify for the quarter-finals, and the
bottom team in each group to play in the relegation play-off. Draw for quarter-finals – 1 st placed team in
groups’ v 2 nd placed teams in groups (Group A v. B, C v. D). Open draw for semi-final.
Relegation play-offs – Open draw with two losing teams relegated. The four semi-finalists in SHC A
each year shall, in the subsequent year, be seeded, one into each of the 4 groups.
All other Hurling championships to be run on a league championship basis as in recent years i.e. two
groups of six teams in each championship, top. Promotion / Relegation to be two up / two down in all
championships. (Exception – there shall be no relegation from groups of ten teams or less).

So they did a draw for all championships and not just the A


Fair play Parish that’s how to answer a question even I understand it now


Just one more question was there a draw held for the relegation with only 3 teams in it as we were all ready relegated


No its predetermined.
As it’s bottom plays 5th from both groups with loser going down from both games but they just got lucky as you were already gone.