Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


I’d imagine the same day as the quarter finals
Think theres only 1 playoff St Pats v Olafs
Parnells are relegated for giving a walkover so Round Towers should stay up without playing a playoff

I may be wrong but that’s how i understand is the case.


Is there anyone here with an informed insight as to how the quarters will pan out this weekend? And whats the deal with promotions? Is it two up and two down?


A tight championship
I’ll go for wins for
Thomas Davis
Na Fianna

I think both finaists get promoted


Does Ciaran Kilkenny tog out at all for Castleknock in the small ball?


Rarely these days AFAIK. Saw him 2-years ago and his athleticism stood out more than his Hurling but was very effective for them, he was thrown in full-forward.


Its a shame really. You’d imagine a player would still have the bit of love for the game with the club.

Costello, Lowndes and Connolly are great for doing it


The Dublin footballers wrapped up earlier this year than last few years so I think you will see him Hurling with the Knock if their Hurlers progress and if their Footballers stumble.


You’d imagine he’d be mad for a game of hurling at this time of year

Would have thought he’d be a cert to be with Castleknock this weekend


Yeah he comes from hurling stock. He’s da had a run with the county hurlers at minor and senior. Would be surprised if he wasn’t keen…


Finalists get promoted alright.

Always think it should be one up and one down. It’s better, IMO, to go up as champions. You feel like you’ve earned it.

If you lose a county final and get promoted, realistically, it’s be very unlikely you’d be competing for the (new promoted) championship for a few years, if you’re lucky. Therefore, you lose a chance for a county medal.


Do both finalists get promoted even if they are senior B teams? I remember a senior club football championship game not too long ago involving the A and B teams of the same club.


Only way both teams don’t get promoted is if one off them is a club B side as in Ballyboden B they can’t be promoted as you can only have one side in the A championship


Olaf’s 25 towers 2-14 relegation game


Is that towers and Parnells down so




Thomas Davis 1-18 Castlenock 1-10. No sign of Kilkenny.


That’s disappointing to hear, says a lot about where Dublin Hurling is at actually. He’s probably saving himself to try win the Football Championship with Castleknock as he views it as more important.

Next King Con won’t be playing Hurling with Cuala :frowning:


Anyone know the semi-finals pairings


I think it’s
TD v Faughs
Plunketts v Crokes B


Is it not an open draw??