Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


Maybe you missed the middle part of my post he done his rotary cuff and is injured I wish we could play him


Shows what I know that’s some result for Davis


Na fianna 0-17 Faughs 0-7


Is shore ever not injured when it comes to playing for Parnells? I’ve never played against him and ourselves and parnells have met quite a bit over the last few years.



No one seemed to care wher this guy was residing…


Done his knee 2 years ago and missed the whole year was back 3 games when done the rotary cuff tried to physio it better but didn’t work so had to get the operation so in 2 years 5 games
In the 2 years before that he done an ankle so was out for 4 months so yes very injury prone


Now that is some result


Whats up with that boarddelegate1 does that rule only apply to northside teams that wear black and green from coolock or is it the little know fact that because Ballyboden don’t have a big enough catchment area Dubai is now part of there area to help increase there numbers


What club you with boarddelagate ?


@Boarddelegate1 is St Pat


Good win for Round Towers over Castleknock


Big wins in group 2 for Boden Na Fianna and Thomas Davis


Jaysus that’s a bad one for Faughs.


Faughs hammered us in the junior A. At least 3/4 players that would be senior B standard playing. Strange one




Parnells have conceded to Thomas Davis today. Parnells must be going through a tough spell, hopefully they can rebuild next year at inter level.


Sad to see any side having to give a walkover at this level


Unfortunately we just don’t have the numbers at this time next year we are in the intermediate championship for the first time so something to hopefully get the lads back and give it a go


Plunketts beat Barrog by 2 not sure of exact score.


Is it one walkover and out in Champo? Automatic relegation to Intermediate?