Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


16 wides by faughs. :confounded:


Leinster Inter QF

Graigueballycallan 0-16
Celbridge 0-13

StMogues 2-09
Kiltale 2-05

Faughs 2-11
Ballinamere 3-16

Glenealy 1-10
Portlaoise 0-16


That explains it. He’s had a great season


Graigue Ballycallan will be very strong in this although didn’t beat Celbridge by much. Portlaoise also will be decent side too.

Interesting to see St Mogues (Fethard) there. Lost AI Junior Club final last year to Ardmore so obviously won Wex Junior and Inter back-to-back. Not a bad team either


That’s not a great result. Our Sen B champs should be plenty good enough for Offaly intermediate. Although i did think the standard of the Dublin final wasn’t great. There were a few really good hurlers on display, but a few not so good too.


Offaly inter is equivalent to our senior B. There is also not as big of a gap in offaly between senior A and inter, the inter winner usually competes well the following year at senior A while the senior B winner usually battles for relagation. Saying that I did expect Faughs to do better, especially in Parnell park…


Goes back to a point I previously made on here. The senior B is light years away from our top competition. It’s a problem for clubs who are trying to make the step up but it’s up to each one to get themselves there. Dublin club hurling has a good rep with the cuala AI wins but it’s inaccuarate. Our elite are indeed elite, the rest couldn’t live with them for 10 mins on the field unfortunately


In Offaly, they have sen A and sen B, then inter. Sen B in Dublin is not really of a high standard. Case in point, Thomas Davis beat the senior B champions raheny last year. Ballinnamere will have it all to do to stay in Sen A in Offaly.


Question, do Dublin Clubs take Leinster Competion seriously, apart from Senior?


They try to


Every county has the top clubs and then the lesser standard ones. The top ones hammer the lesser ones, it’s the way of the world.

It’s not a great result at all, but it is number 13 or so in Dublin playing number 7 in Offaly.


Not saying it isn’t.
The point being that apart from our top 3/4 teams the overall standard of Dublin club hurling in Leinster is low. It was in reply to a comment that said our second tier champions should be beating offalys second tier as if it somehow reflects where Dublin hurling is compared to Offaly.


Quick question. If you play 1 senior championship match are you ruled out of junior championship?




I wouldn’t be using the Thomas Davis and Raheny game to back up your argument tbh.

Not taking anything away from Davis but It was a once off game in which we came into it cold and was played on an Astro pitch on a Wednesday night and the game went to extra time.

I think the top teams in Senior B are of a decent level. Take Whitehall for example who Raheny beat in the final last year, they are going to be a top 5 side within the next few years once they keep everyone and keep getting a few excellent minors through.


It is the same for all counties though, take out the top 4 or 5 and the standard drops off.

Comparing intermediate and junior across counties is difficult because every county draws the line between them in different places.


Losing Bennett cannot be underestimated, he could be county standard if he wanted. 16 wides hardly help either.