Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


I didn’t realise the u16 B was on that day too,. Would be Very poor form now to move the 16 games that were confirmed for Parnell weeks ago. A big day for all 4 clubs involved.

I’m at a loss how they can double book Parnell park, Leinster fixtures are out weeks aswel.


Both U16 finals due to have been played in Parnell Park on Saturday have been shifted to O’Toole Park!!


Dissapointing for all the 4 clubs involved, most players don’t get many chances to play a championship final in Parnell park. To be told 3 days before a final is a joke. Hopefully will get two great games in O’Toole Park, should be a big crowd there. Td going for their first A title in hurling, a huge day for the club.


If only there were floodlights in Parnell, then all the games could have been played there instead of O Toole pk…,


Intermediate champ fixtures this weekend (at end if article)



??How did Faughs get on


It’s on tomorrow


Faughs struggling Into the second half


Faughs 1-6 to 3-8


Faughs 1-6 to 3-9


Chris Bennett looks like he did his knee . That after 2 mins.


No wonder they’re struggling for scores.



Really struggling, 1- 8 to 3 -11.
That Offaly team will struggle in senior Offaly. As will Faughs in DSHC.


Thought Faughs would be closer than that




Faughs starting to rally. 1 11 to 3 11.


Rally over. 1 11 to 3 14. Been well bet now.


Final score 2 11 to 3 16


Hard luck to faughs, losing Bennett so early was a real blow (one of their top performers the last day) but sounds like they’d have struggled regardless. Hopefully Boden go better.