Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


It’s a big step up for sure, I was impressed with faughs hurling, some work probably needed fitness wise.


Problem with them is that they are going to be the 4th seeded team in their group so are going to be up against it from the start and realistically their chance is to beat the 3rd seeded team in their group which will be one of either Craobh , Whitehall, Setanta or O’Tooles which won’t be easy for them.


But are they wristy enough …


Surely with the team they have Whitehall should be pushing for quarterfinals next year


I don’t think they seed the club championship draw. This year Cuala, BBSE, Craobh and Brigids were all in the one group despite all 4 of them being in the quarter finals the previous year.


Yeah it’s only the semi finalists that are seeded.
So is the possibility of some lobsided groups like this season.


It should be from semi’s but der ya go


With what players do you reckon from your knowledge of AHL 2 and all levels below


My mistake for some reason I thought that’s what way they did it maybe it was the group we were in last year that had my thrown off as we were in a group with a semi finalists, 1/4 finalists, a 3rd place side and then a newly promoted side/ team that won the relegation playoff


They’ll need a sympathetic draw for sure.


Bennett looked decent in that game.


Faughs should give Leinster a good rattle I think, they should have no problem beating the dub inter winners in the playoff. Be interesting to see what price they are in the bookies…


Definitely should beat marks or cuala , last year when T.D beat raheny in the playoff there wasn’t much of a difference in class but faughs are senior A standard so I’d fancy them to win handy enough


I forgot there is No playoff if cuala win as their a second team.


Would that not mean marks automatically get into the playoff against faughs ?


No there is no playoff if cuala win and rightly so.


I see Faughs Leinster match is now down for 130pm in Parnell on Sat along with the Dublin U16 A hurling final between Thomas Davis and Castlenock at 3pm.


Thats a novel pairing for an A final.

Who are Faughs playing?


Ballinamere from offaly.


And the U16 B final between Cuala and Nh Barrog at 1.15!!! :confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow: