Dublin Senior Hurling B Championship (SHC B) 2018


Faughs comfortable enough here


will have the wind second half as well, little pacy corner forward had a good half as well.


two monster scores from Prendegast


Great fecth and score by Stuart Mullen 2-12 to 2-08 Plunketts back in the game


Faughs the better team on the day - they could casue some trouble in the A next year.


No rush, but anyone got the list of scorers at some stage, throw it up here.


Faughs the better team alright but look at the results in division one and also compare standard in the 2 finals I think they will do well to stay up


Ask @Ohm. He is good at that


Especially B championships


They’d be off the top A sides for sure, but could trouble some of the others


They have some good hurlers but apart from maybe setanta,Whitehall and Crumlin I can’t see many more the they would trouble


Ill take your word for it as today was all i’ve seen of them really. We’ll see how they go next year suppose. Great to see Chris Bennett fit and playing well.


It is he could have a big year for Dublin if he has the hunger


well done faughs

such a tradition of hurling in the club

good to see back in Senior A. As a hurling only club good to see them there.


Doesn’t have the hunger. But a sweeter striker of the ball you won’t find in Dublin, bar maybe Hetherton.
Faughs well the better side today. Well done Faughs.


Prenderghast had a brilliant game i thought. Heavey with 1-3 as well.





I think o Tooles beat them well in the league but in fairness o Tooles are a year older while faughs are a year closer to there prime so maybe they could beat them but o Tooles are a very clever side.


Faughes have some fine underage teams , O’Tooles nothing with the exception of 1 or 2 outstanding underage players, O’Tooles only heading one way!! In fairness to their seniors they are very clever but unfortunately very old!!


I’m a big fan of faughs and all the tradition in hurling they have and the hard work they are putting in but I just think as old as they are o Tooles will still be hard to beat ask Raheny the previous senior B winners and I hope I’m not being disrespectful to faughs and raheny as both are good teams