Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I wont get down next sat…I’d be shot! 2 live games I believe?


Yep, I’d be happy with improvement. If we are in it on 50 / 55 min it would do me.


Exactly we need to see improvement and progress


Bad and all as Cork were today! Tipp looked the real deal! One hell of an effort required if we hope to live with them!


Worst draw imho, would fancy a cut at anyone else.


Three, Lentini, according to TG4.



What happened between Donal Og & Duignan on League Sunday last night?


Didn’t see it, but Duignan has been on war path over Offaly for a while now so perhaps Donal Óg got some dig in?

Has been following the score in that one but media reports indicate that even with a massive comeback from Carlow who played for over an hour with 14, that Offaly just threw the towel in. Sad really so understandable that MD be upset, and in fairness he predicted this going back a good few years over neglect of underage and basic training.


Only have link from twitter.

Check out @RTEgaa’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/RTEgaa/status/1104880210283880448?s=09


And Duignan decides to fight back by bringing up Tom Humphreys?

Jeez. You stay classy now Offaly. :roll_eyes:


They are a pair of eejits- let them at it…


Any confirmatoin of the fixture for next weekend? Times/TV coverage?



Looking at the time I’d say it will be on live .fits in between the egg chasing and Tyrone game.


What egg chasing?


Are the team of the people not playing Wales on Saturday?


Who cares?


I do …if i can see it live bfore I go into croker all the better.


Women’s hockey?