Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Gray did well the last day. Wasn’t he a forward at minor? I wonder could he do a job there?


Deffo played there, not sure it was his best position. Seen him play for his club a good bit over the last couple of years. Great beast potential!


Played a lot the last few years at wing forward for the club. I’ve only ever seen him as a forward until recently.


Wing back is where I saw him personally, grand paw on him!


I don’t think he’s skillful enough and I think there are better quality defenders there.


Just back from injury… :joy: :joy: :joy:




All sounds good…

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead before, but winning the league QF would be benifical I think for us. We still have at least three very important players to see in action and the first round of the championship isn’t a good place for that.


He’s right about the step up, any 1A team we play will be hard,very hard to know who it’ll be but it’ll be a good test again of where we are

Then out of 6 league games which could increase we’d have 3 winnable games and 3 difficult games, it’s a good mix

We started well against Tipp last year in the quarters and collapsed then so hopefully we can build on that and improve, a win in that would be very nice actually a good confidence booster for the lads


That Tipp game was a very strange game. When we were 8 or 9 up, with true Dublin hurling lack of confidence, I thought whatever happens now at least we won’t get a bad beating. But we did. It was an incredible fall off after 20 min. In hindsight they probably hadn’t built their fitness to bring the full intensity for 70 min in Croke PK.


Very strange game alright

Would be nice to win this year and get another competitive game in to see some faces back, think Kenny mentioned a while back that keaney was late March, so he probably won’t be seen,no sign of schutte yet and ryan could do with a few more minutes to get back into it


yea would like to see Schutte, Paul Ryan and Burke on a firm sod. Keaney i suspect will be a sub for championship at this rate. Although knowing Conal he’ll be pushing hard to make a start. Would like to see Rushe and Hedgo gain a little but of mobility and Young burke add a but of strength (he already looks a bit stronger)


If Keaney isn’t match ready for the championship I think it would be a big blow. I was thinking all year that at a minimum we will be as strong as last year, and probably stronger with the few additions. But taking Keaney out of that is a huge hole that no one else can really fill. Hopefully though he will come goofs.

We need to be seeing Schutte the next day out too or he probably won’t make the championship team.


I’d agree with keaney and schutte,they need to start playing or it’ll be very difficult for themselves to start, I’ve heard keaney is injured and that’s fair enough he can only wait until he’s back but we’ve heard very little on schutte,

Does hedgo deserve a shot at 11 if keaney isn’t playing there,he can catch a puck out very well? His aggression may cause problems but I’m not so sure,you’ve got Danny nailed on, Burke Ryan rushe hedgo trollier o rourke treacy etc pushing for places then the bench has whitely mcgibb etc with whitely impressing me off the bench so far


As much as I like keaney and a great servant to not just hurling but Dublin Gaa in general, I hope kenny has been looking for alternatives for number 11, he’s been injured for months now and at his age it’s very hard to recover and at quite a late stage too, he was a huge loss in the latter stages of the Kilkenny game and the Wexford game, but it’s hard to know will he feature much at all, I hope I’m wrong but hopefully Kenny has been thinking about someone to replace him, it will be difficult

Again, not having a go at keaney,as with all older players you’ve to be prepared to replace them and it demonstrates how good he was as it’s difficult to replace him


I agree, but I think we need one more year of him until a few other lads come on. Keaney is probably our best ever hurler (well post the guys from ‘61 who must have been handy to nearly win the All Ireland), so we are probably never going to replace him with anyone as good - so the best we can do is get the most out of him we can…

Actually speaking of ‘best’, Sutcliffe did this reverse, no look, pass thing off the hurl last week that was just brilliant. It’s a pity it won’t feature on TV or anything, it was sublime. I think you mentioned you were at the football yourself, but that one thing was worth the cold in Parnell…


Yea Danny is our outstanding player by a country mile! In a few years time we will be talking about him in same light as we talk about Keaney! Perhaps even more so! Sometimes he gets on the ball and we are saying don’t run into contact! Just let it out! Then he goes and does a shimmy like last Sunday v Laois taking 3 players out of the play and it shows what the lad is all about! Pure class!


Was at the football yeah, only game I missed cos they were clashing

He’s playing very well even in the Galway game when we were outplayed he dropped deeper and got on ball, the Waterford game he was brilliant and sounded like he had a good few moments against Laois,so if he keeps this up I think we should be okay, if he scored 2 more points in each championship game last year,the table would’ve looked fairly different


I do agree with keaney though, I’d love to see him back myself just in the long term after this year you do need to find a lad to step up and take his place,it won’t be easy but it has to be done

Even in the short term if he’s not able to get up to pace or Kenny just doesn’t choose to pick him, there needs to be a player who led like he did in games last year especially in the limerick and Kilkenny ones,they stood out for me last year


Ah you went to the dark side :grinning:. Seriously though, you were probably right, apart from the Sutcliffe skill the rest of it was dour enough in crap weather.

Keaney would have at least got us in the Leinster final last year. And it was such an innocuous looking incident too, I thought he would jump straight up.