Dublin Senior Hurling 2019




played Dublin minor hurling didn’t he?


Has Bill O’Carroll left the panel?


Has a nice feel about it…


It does. As a minimum, our expectation was to beat Laois, Offaly and Carlow.
Similarly, our hope was to beat either Waterford or Galway. Our wildest dream probably involved winning all five games.


Really? Mine just involved something… wristy.


Ah, caman will ya?


I was assuming he was just one of those longer term injury guys, of which there seems to have been a few. But I don’t know for a fact either way.


I obviously don’t hope he is injured, but that would be preferable to him having left. Backs have been hurling well apart from the Waterford goal fest, but he would definitely have a role, although I suppose the full back line is one which you do need to have settled starters.


Had assumed the same, paul ryan only reapeared recently, mind you O’Carroll didnt come up in the injury update there the other week but maybe he’s not nearly recovered yet. Schutte was one who really needed a league game or two to get up to speed.


He had slipped my mind.

So a good run in play offs would be beneficial.

Still, still having a good pick is far better than the resources that were available in last 3/4 years. A lot will depend now on getting the mix right. Going the right way at least.


I think o carroll would be missed even though I don’t think he’d start,we have a good full back line but lack depth, I do like Gray and Gannon but they’re young and will take time

Madden is another option


Yea! All fit our back line probably would be Smyth O Donnell and O Callaghan. Then 3 back ups would probably be from Gannon Grey O Carroll and Madden.


Is there a chance the quarter final could be played as a double header with Tyrone game?


Only if we are entitled to a home game.


Well for that to have any chance of happening we would need to get a home advantage! Having played 3 home games already reduces that chance!


Lads are we guessing players arent being released back to clubst his weekend or is that fact?

To me its madness not to sendcthem back for game time, unless a challenge game is arranged?


To me there shouldn’t be a challenge game. What’s the point in that? They’ve played a shed load of challenge games on top of the Walsh Cup and League matches.

They should be back with their clubs. Full stop. We’ll have to wait and see.


I agree they should be sent back. Will be interesting to see if they are…then again how many games will go ahead Sunday anyway??


[quote=“alanoc, post:1875, topic:3866”]
To me there shouldn’t be a challenge game. [/quote]

I hate to break it to you me ould flower but what you think doesn’t come into the equation at all.