Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


He’s a nice fella O’Neill ,met him few times in Mountmellick .


Jim McGuiness type figure. V divisive.


Kavanagh’s bus still go to Mountra’h? From anywhere


Of course it does. From Borris in Ossory. Don’t act like you don’t know.


100 years young this year, gohhin where nohh buses ha’ e’her gohhne befohhre boss, hah!



Where in the name o jaysus is Castaheaney??


Castaheaney is beside Clonee, not sure if its in Dublin or Meath.


Its part of dublin 15. More dublin if anything.


It’s in Castleknock, if the Sherry Fitzgerald auctioneers are to be believed. A wee bit like most of Sallynoggin is in Killiney. :laughing:


There’s a field out there that straddles Dublin, Kildare and Meath. The only way of knowing you’re in Dublin is that the other two are sh1t at the GAH



Something different,hopefully it works out

Sounds a bit like Gilroy with us last year but obviously Dessie isn’t the manager of course


Interesting move.


In fairness Gavin has pulled some rabbits out of the hat back room wise , anything that gives an edge is Ok by me


Hmmm…could he be working himself back into the picture vis a vis management at inter county level again?

Didn’t he he rule himself out of taking over from Jim Gavin a few years ago, when there was chatter about Gavin not committing to anything past his original 3 year term?

It would look odd if he put the hand up to take over from JG, given that.


from memory wasnt a bad hurler himself


If so he would be better off doing a job with Na Fianna. I’d have thought that would be enough to be going on with.

Truth be told no one has really put their hand up yet to take over from Gavin if and when he leaves.


Dessie hurled for Dublin if my memory Is correct. He was certainly a very good hurler on a Na Fianna side that were a regular top 4 in senior Div 2. Can’t remember if he wason the Na Fianna side that were promoted to Div 1 in late 80s/ early 90s. However most people don’t remember this as he opted for football at a very early stage in his career.


He was also playing a lot of hockey.


Ah yeah, I know that. But the media were questioning his intentions to such a degree when he stepped away from the GPA, that he had to come out & explicitly say he didn’t want to take over from Gavin. That’s what I meant. Apols. I wasn’t clear.


Yes. That’s correct. Forgot about that.