Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Shouldn’t be getting hammered by Laois either way. Hoping they were against a significant breeze.


They were. Wind is so strong the rain is falling sideways. Great craic altogether.


Loving it :joy:


Oh piss off ! :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:




Yeah. Finished 3-17 to 2-16. Offaly got a good few scores in garbage time. Laois by far the better team.


What in God’s name were you doing at that???


UN Peacekeeping Mission.

Aka visiting the Mountrath inlaw outlaws. Partner is on the panel.


I’m not religious anymore, but God/Allah/Jebus help you!


I’m not religious either. Which is probably a good thing, coz I lost the will to live midway through the first half. :roll_eyes:


Thank God.


Liam O’Neill was sitting in front of us. Was sorely tempted to ask how hard, on a scale of 1-10, it was for him to hand us Sam in 2011. And if he foresaw at all, what was to come.

But I thought better of it.


If we can’t get @mayoman to get Boyle on for a q&a could you get your partner to answer a few questions. On anything really.


Hang on. I’ll grab him. If you’ve any questions at all about Florida State University, Steve Spurrier, or the Miami Dolphins, he really is your man. :dolphin:


But if you meant my cousins daughters partner, the Laois hurler…sorry…I think he’s still in the shower trying to warm up.


I think it was a massive over achievement. In the history of the GAA I think what Offaly achieved then in hurling and football has never been surpassed. I always think it’s a bit unfair to hold them to such crazy high standards going forward.


Thats the cold end, it’s always much warmer and dryer down the other side :grinning:

Who is Steve Spurrier!


The Devil.


Now I know!!


It’s all a bit spurrierous …