Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Thats fair enough college is a really high standard and its a little bit different maybe even more enjoyable Id argue as your playing with lads from all corners of the country, so as long as some lads play it and dont burnout theres no harm in it


It’s a good bit off the standard but they’ll learn more playing 60 mins of fitzgibbon then sitting in the stand at Dublin games, so it’s a good policy for now.


He did yeah. Was subbed at half time and left panel the following week. He’s marmite on this forum. Ive said it a few times I think he’s a fine player with still plenty to offer us if involved.


He has been decent for us over the last number of years a lot more experienced then some of these lads coming through, he was always able to maneuver his way in tight spaces so he still could be of some use to us


Agreed. Has a lovely touch and great at collecting loose ball too. Given our struggles at catching the thing the likes of him should be retained if he’s available again. Would be excellent competition for middle third, and as you say has the experience


Exactly maybe he maybe more suited under kenny then gilroy so he may have a part to play, no harm having a player who will offer a bit of calmness


He doesn’t post that much @marmite


Any word on Cian Boland’s injury?




One of our best players through the recent spell under he who cannot be mentioned.


I would worry if the Kenny way was to focus less on physicality then Gilroy. In my view physicality (and intensity) is what allows you compete at the top table and skill allows you to win. A good physical team can be beaten, but a skilful team without physicality will be hammered.

But I am not sure McMorrow couldn’t get a place on a team that plays the Gilroy / Daly way. He is tough and can tackle, he just isn’t big enough to impose himself on the half forward line. He could maybe work at midfield (even though that is where it went wrong in Limerick) or as a corner forward. A full forward line of Rushe and Hedgo with McMorrow running around them would be interesting.

He probably has the best touch of any player in Dublin, so for me he would be near the team if he was interested. Maybe not on it every time though as his size limits the options a bit.


Agree on physicality but you can afford to have one or two less big lads around, was always a CF underage, would be helpful of dublin clubs would stop converting promising CFs to midfield. :yum:


–full forward line of Rushe and Hedgo with McMorrow running around them would be interesting–
Would be worth a go/would love to see it tried


That’d be worth a shot or maybe even trollier or whitely playing off them


Ryan O’Dwyer taken over as Hurling coach with Longwood Seniors in Me**h


The longwood dubs who are behind enemy lines according to their banner last Friday should be happy so.


There was a few Twitter responses referring to the Dubs contingency down there alright…


Great Dublin representation again tonight on both teams


Conroy went on as a sub for DCU. I don’t know why he’s not getter no a run out with Dublin. Was there injuries recently?