Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Pity. Two excellent players with more to offer imo.


Not surprised really, felt Durkin could have been used a lot more the last few years. Quality player.


Durkan is only going on 32 and still has the pace for it as he showed in the two county finals.


32 is becoming more the norm for IC retirements… Massive commitment especially with a young family. Was likely to be more periphery this year.


Is it a bit strange the fact they have stepped away at this point of the year after going through a large part of the pre season…


Did they though?


Hard to know if they done preseason or not none of them were even on the bench for the last 3 games.
Id say they were told they werent part of the plans similar to Johnny MacAffrey
Brennan has been brought in in goal and o connell at half back so Mattie trusts them I suppose and they are quality players


Apparently most of the Boden lads were only invited back after Xmas,


Boden lads involved in Dublin gym session on the Thursday before the Blue Stars but many taking a break that weekend after the Leinster Club championship.


And rightly so.
No better man than Mattie to understand that break


Well deserved break in all honesty as long as they are there for a good bit of the league i dont mind so we can start to piece together a starting 15 for championship and build towards it

As a matter of interest who do we think from Boden should start, the two obvious ones are probably Ryan and Keaney? Would Mellet deserve a shot not necessarily a start but a run in the team ?


Any word whether Mc Morrow is back in squad or not?


Good question


Not too sure myself @Savio he left after that abysmal Limerick game last year hopefull he returns but im not too sure as of yet


I think his performances warranty being included in the greater squad, but he did also quieten down a little in the latter games, maybe tiredness, but this why I wouldn’t have him nailed on starter or even nailed on bench… should definitely be in the squad


No harm giving these lads a reward and a bit of exposure it can only be a good thing to bring back to clubs, pity he hasnt any Walsh cup under his belt as that would certainly improve his cause


Had high hopes for mellet given his Dublin campaign (and Dooley) but they both found life difficult in Leinster, which would suggest they’re Not quite ready. Still think he should and will be given a chance but unlikely to slot straight in and shoot the lights out.

Mellet is another like Hayes, Cian O’Sullivan, currie (x2), winters that you’d hope will develop this year into a real option, but in some cases probably need another season to establish at club level first. Winters would be the furthest along I guess.


Surprised the 2 curries havent got a look in yet, especially Colin very talented players Sean destroyed us on his own 2 years ago in minor championship so they have the talent

Colin is actually mentioned in this


@LucanHill16 I’d say the younger lads are involved with Training etc. with Seniors,but, possibly from a playing point of view being left off until Fitz/U.21’s is finished.
If you look at last year, Burke, Whitley etc.


I was just going to hazzard a guess that might be whatis going on, probably a good plan as well to leave them develop with the u21s/college teams.