Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Think we will be in last 4 at least.younger ones should be stronger.a fit richie ,kevin kelly back and if delaney or huw lawlor xan make full vack their own releasing padraig then we will ge in busisness.you have seen young adrian mullen v boden a rare talent that may akso come shining through next year.


Was he not due to join up with David Herity in Kildare with their Senior Hurling team. Are Paul O Brien and Eoin Roche selectors??


Saw Mickey out at training couple weeks ago in Abbotstown.


Ooohhhh Matron!!!


Big lad?


We knew this weeks ago :wink: over on the walsh cup thread


Pints of optimism :joy::joy:




Watched that again there, man we were so close, a fair few trees went awry. Other Shots dropped short, and some needless frees given away. Do think smith was unlucky at the end.


Most teams could say they were unlucky in games over the championship.given that you beat carlow.you have then to win 1 from wex kk or galway to probably qualify.while you played well in all games dublin only won 1.the challenge is to win 2 at least.


FAh yea I know but it was so close and a killer goal came from it. Forgot how well we’d played against the wind in the second half, after a poor enough first half.

We just need a little bit more quality/consistency in the forwards, something Dillon and/or Burke can hopefully bring. Quality of kk’s subs was ultimately the difference the defense were under the cosh by the time the goal came and scored had dries up for Dublin at that point. Dropped too deep maybe, keaney going off shouldn’t derail Our scoring threat entirely.


It’s not that Keaney going off meant that we stopped playing but it let Buckley hurl and then they began to motor. BTW there’s hurling on RTE2 at 8.30. I think Cats v Tribes.


Think we got 1 score in the last 7-8 minutes after he went off, While Kilkenny got 1-5.


Things looking good for 2019


What county is Harry Potter involved with


I was surprised watching it back how negative the commentators were about the game. I remember at the game talking to people at half time who thought it was great stuff.

I think the nature of our set up, with a withdrawn forward, meant balls were always going to go easily to a KK hand at times.


Yeh agree on that, the fact it was in Parnell on a seemingly tight pitch in front of a packed crowd really added to it. Helter skelter stuff. Hopefully similar days next year and come out the other side of it.


McGibb at 12*



Maguire and Durkin have both announced they’re retiring. Didn’t realize Maguire was 35.