Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


So was I


Liam rushe played well v kk last year hut he is better facing the ball.plays centre forward for pats but needs scoring forwards around him.as I said far better facing the ball.


Progress would definitely be to get out the group in leinster which would be fairly big in fairness and thats the progress i expect us to make in 2019 then we would have a joe mcdonagh team then potentially a quarter final similar to wexford last year which is progress as we havent got there since 2015 so that is probably our potential as we most certainly arent in the top 4 teams in the country


I think Limerick has opened up the competition which is a good thing. It gives encouragement to the likes of Dublin BUT also the traditionally stronger counties some incentive as no doubt they all reckon they can take Limerick. The overall result will be more competition which will make it harder break into the top group. IMO that’s the top 6 teams… Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny, Cork, Clare and then one other from Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford and Dublin.


My top 9 in order would be
limerick galway clare cork kilkenny tipp waterford wexford dublin but we can definitely overtake wexford and maybe even waterford on a good day but munster will be very interesting as waterford and tipp have huge points to prove


I’ll talk to you in July!


I’m not sure rushe has the pace to play in defence any more, have seen him ran ragged by CHFs in the past. Put a quick forward on him and he has no chance. All well and good if the ball is just being lumped on top of him at CHB, but how often does that happen these days?

Continue with him in the forwards for me.


I think if Paddy had’ve held onto the ball we would have had a free out, the fact he spilled it imo the ref played on.


Look forward to welcoming you to nowlan park


Interesting listening to rushe on the radio this year saying you dont win anything playing wirh a sweeper.will mattie kenny play a sweeper?


Did Dublin not win Leinster with a sweeper?


I don’t think his pace has changed really, I think in a straight line he is fast. His issue is turning.

I agree he isn’t the complete chb. But he is a very very good one. I do think though he just isn’t good enough a forward to make the top 6 of our forwards if everyone is available. I would qualify that though by saying if someone could get him more mobile, or get the right ball played into him - it could work.

That’s why I think the right place for him is as a chb but with Moran covering to counteract his mobility issues. Yes, you would be setting up the shape of the whole team to accommodate one guy, but he is good enough I think to warrant that.

I don’t think playing with an extra defender is a moral issue or anything. It is a device to get your best players on the field and it maybe is a fact that we have 7 really good defenders and 5 really good forwards. If that is the case (and I am not saying it is), then that is the way to go.

Rushe has incredible talents, but only in the right role. I thought myself he would work in the forwards, but I didn’t think overall that he has.


He was talking about the all ireland.he reference waterford as the example.interesting as dublin played with a sweeper under gilroy.


Hopefully we won’t. Kilkenny were the first to crowd the defence to beat Cork in 2006. Many counties seem to drop back on opposition puck outs but then push up again. I’m an auld lad (mid 40s) who yearns for 15 on 15 manly hurling, less frees and more pulling on the ground and in the air!
I think cats will be better this year but so will we and we will beat ye. I don’t think ye will be in the last four. Cody is a total legend but he does not know when to go, which is a pity.


I have to disagree on the pulling on the ground and air part of that. I think both are just an exercise in giving the ball away. Even in old games that sometimes come on TV now, they very rarely worked out. Absolutely, it is sort of aesthetically pleasing when you see someone double on the ball and it goes 40 m up the field and someone else does the same thing, but in practice it usually goes 5m to an opponent who picks it up and drives it 80m down the field.


There is no logic in that. It is simply not true. If I strike a ball low onto the corner for a corner forward to run on to, it does not matter whether I strike from the hand or off the ground. Ground hurling is not random. Ask John Troy.


Ground hurling is more unpredicable. You see someone lining up to strike from hand you have more of an idea of where the ball is going. Ground hurling, you havent a clue. It could go 5 yards or 40. It could be high or low.


Mikey McCullough (Boden coach this year) now part of Matties back room team.


It might be wrong, it might be right but I can most definitely put a logic behind what I said.

The difference between a low and high ball into a corner forward is that the low ball can be intercepted and it will be slower because it is along the ground. A higher ball can go over defenders, it will travel faster and it can be delivered to a player at a proper trajectory. A ground ball either has to be hit so hard that it will be hard to bring under control or it will slow before it gets there. It’s not even faster to do, because if you have the time to swing on the ball you probably also have time to pick it up and put it over the bar.

Also, if it was useful teams would do it - and no team has ground striking has a tactic or has had in 15 years. It was used in the past because the standard was light years away from where it is now, and I include myself in that as I was hurling at time when it was still happening. It can work one time in 50 in a given set of circumstances. But the bad far outweighs the good in my opinion.


I suppose we did get a couple of goals last year from swinging on the ground the pick of them was probably whitely against kilkenny but I think theres a time and a place for it and I certainly wouldnt encourage it if the option to play a ball in hand was on,so i dont think we could swing our way to silverware we would need a little more than that.
I agree with kilkenny improving with the younger lads with a bit more experience than last year and that we will improve but i still think theyll have a little too much for us hope im wrong but theyll learn from last year against us and wont be caught off guard i reckon
Anyone know if adrian mullen is playing for them he was good for ballyhale and with young talented lads coming out of minor are starting to get chances across the board e.g Clifford would it be worthwhile for them to throw him in ?