Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Yep. I’ve run out of fingers to count all these “level going into injury time” moral victories over KK. Actual victories over them, on the scoreboard, (that really matter) are a tad rarer.


I doubt there are similar conversations on other county forums? Sure doesn’t the broadband only work in Dublin :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I remember we played Vincent’s at underage and hedgo was definitely number 6 and very commanding


Jesus I couldn’t count the ‘level going into injury time’ defeats to KK on the fingers of one hand. The gap is unfortunately usually much wider then that. Off the top of my head I can’t rememebr any in the championship. Bar 2013 when we beat them, the gap has been biggish. That is why last year was good, and better in the context of where we were coming from.


We were completely robbed by the referee against them last year. Those decisions always favour the big guns.


Watched it back yesterday the Ref was bad but For both sides the push on paddy smith was our free out but then again rushe got away with a push in the back for one of keaneys points so he was bad all day thought our wides had a lot bigger of an impact on our losing of the game then the ref. We really tired around 60 mins and when fennelly and murphy came on they ran the show so it was the refs decision on paddy smyth which caused the goal but we should have had them beaten before that but for our own terrible shooting


I wouldn’t say we tired. We stopped scoring because once Keaney went off, Buckley began to hurl and their half-backs grew in confidence… I’d agree that their subs made an impact too. We hardly scored for the last ten mins. Simple fact though, if we had been given that free out, we would have won the game and would be more confident as result. Inches!


To be honest, I am not 100% sure it was a free on Smith. It could have been given, but I don’t think it was a sure thing. Smith shouldn’t have taken the ball into contact either.

Two more blatant ones went unpunished, Rushe’s push on the defender as mentioned above and a push on Crummy as he went to lift the ball were very obvious. A flick by O Carroll (I think) was harshly called a free in the first half. But I think the ref did ok, it’s a fast game, it is hard for the ref to get everything.

More controversially though, I had a decent angle on a shot by Whitely that was called wide and I was fairly sure it was a point.

Speaking of watching games back. I came across Dublin v Galway in the 2016 league on YouTube recently. I had forgotten how good Rushe was at centre back - wow!



Your having a laugh you got nearly all the decisions in parnell last year bar the winning goal.


Rushe is only what 28? I wonder will we ever see him back there again he was excellent against kilkenny at Full forward but I felt liam ryan definitely matched him physically against wexford its just very hard to see him breaking into what is probably our strongest line but you never know what kenny will do


What Kilkenny had to offer from the bench that day won it for them . The push on Smyth was 50/50 but ref wasn’t that bad . Hopefully this year we’ll have a much stronger bench than in recent years. You go through all the big teams , what they bring on is every bit as good if not better than what’s on the field , that’s the difference .


Fennelly and Murphy off the bench were excellent that day but weve a better panel than last year with some of the ones kenny has brought back so hopefully we have some of the same impact next year


How anyone can call the push on Smyth 50/50 is beyond me. Whatever about the refs performance in the rest of the game, that was a blatant foul. If he gives it, we win the game and suddenly we’d be having a very different year than what we had.

Leinster final appearance this year, you heard it here first :wink:


That prediction ties in well with your username😃


I think the full forward thing worked against KK, but that was it really. It didn’t particularly work any other time. I get why it was tried, and I was even in favour when Cunningham was doing it. But it hasn’t particularly worked (other then that game). If it did work and he was as dominant at full forward as he is at centre back it would be a game changer though.

Maybe Kenny can train Rushe into it (and get the right ball sent in). There is no doubt Rushe’s physical ability is unbelievable. But unfortunately he can’t turn and needs to be coming onto the ball.

Personally at this stage I would put him back at 6 and play Moran as a +1 at the back.


Play with 7 defenders? No one tell Alan!


That’s bollocks. I was there.


All the talk about how we will get on in Leinster… But there will also be extra competition in 2019 with Tipp back in action. Therefore making it harder to eat at the ‘top table’ at All-Ireland level. How did the counties rate in 2018 and how much progress do we realistically expect to make in 2019?


Depends on a few things, we have quite a lot of ifs hanging over us. If the schuttes return and find form. If keaney gets over his shoulder op, if we can find another scoring forward or two. Etc. think we can build on last year, how far that takes us ultimately will be down to a bit of luck but limerick cane from well back in the pack so we may as well aim for the top! :grin: