Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Personally I think KK game. We led them for 70mins this year, unfinished business, to beat them away will shows that we’ve learned from this year, and sends a strong message to Wexford & Galway.


Definitely a huge game first round and we could take 2 points from it similarly with the galway game which will be interesting to see which game will be easier when the time comes but itll be difficult to gain the 2 points but wexford played well there last year as did offaly towards the end so the cats are definitely beatable


Liam - if you were to pick a player that didn’t feature last year, but could become a regular this year who would he be? Or is there anyone in that category?


I know your question was directed at Liam But I would suggest Cronin at centre forward!


I am very interested to see how that works out @Bluedub . I am sure he will get a shot to prove himself anyway. I fear he may lack the subtlety of touch needed for inter-county. But I could well be wrong.


One player id love to see back is chris bennett he was excellent down in cork a couple of years ago and was good underage for dublin and was good for faughs against plunketts so hopefully he plays, i think it was injuries holding him back wasnt it so hopefully he stays injury free and the same could be said for boland. Schutte will be another interesting one so hopefully he can add even more physicality to the forward line this year


Actually I’ve two that didn’t feature much last year: Cian Boland and Hedgo. Think both will play huge roll this season.
Would love to see Cian & Jake Malone as midfield pairing.
Hedgo, although a big frame, can move and would be a handful at FF.


Where would you play rushey liamo?


Kilkenny are very hard to beat in Nowlan in Championship. I think Parnell and the referee really suited us against them this year. We were the ones getting awY with the Dark Arts for a change. O’Donnell was non-stop fouling Reid and getting away with it, was great to see for a change. I would have them a little ahead of us still. I would love if we could have another cut off Cork in Croker, I think we have more fight and skill in us now to get that scalp.


Corner forward or wing forward, he picks up serious amount of breaking ball, and is the most direct forward I think we have.


Just hope the hype doesn’t keep building otherwise we’re guaranteed an awful land. In that sense the Giller approach and culture will be sorely missed. And under him there was zero expectations. Kenny will have alot to deal with and people need to be very patient, this could be a year where alot of ups and downs and shuffling of the hierarchy and things that need thrashing out and ironing out will get exposed and need to be sorted. I’d be looking to 2020 before expecting anything really apart from good performances which may take time to come also, and consistency a bit longer.


After watching tonight’s hurling game Waterford v Tipp I don’t know you could possibly think we are ahead of Waterford.
They scored 2-22 and were totally robbed by bad umpire decisions. All Ireland finalists in 2017, they were plagued with injury last year and had no luck whatsoever along the way. If we are ahead of them, then next year will be a very good year for us.


Dublin have potential and good cause to be optimistic but until you get actual results you cant be level with kk ans agead of waterford.getting out of leinster gives everyone a chance in this new system as linerick showed by coming 3rd in munster.alot of people in kk felt we would have been better losing to galway in the leinster final first time as the draw and subsequent defeat in the replay meant we lost walter and had to play 3 weeks in a row.so getting through injury free and anything can happen.I expect us to be stronger this year as oyr young players have been blooded and bulked up alot.


We scored on Avg 25pts per game this year, Waterford Avg was 23…


Personally I think Boland is a certainty, or as near as it gets. He will be a big difference to us this year.

Interesting re Hedgo… if he can be half as good against the top teams as he was against Offaly in Walsh Cup he would be a big addition. He can have quiet games too though at club level. But he has a fantastic touch for a big man.


Was very impressed with Hedgo v Offaly last week! Although listed at 13 where he played most of the game! When Gannon who was playing corner back! Went off injured in final few minutes Hedgo drifted back into defence to offer extra cover! Not that Hedgo is likely to start in defence it’s good to know he has some versatility!


I admire the passion of the hurling folk on here and the optimism is as nuts as it is among Liverpool fans. I can only imagine it’s like football threads on every other county’s forums where they tell themselves they can beat Dublin this year …


Ha. Fair point. We are gluttons for punishment. But wouldn’t have it any other way.


Liverpool aren’t in the championship, I think you are confusing them with London!


Vincents played him at No 6 one year I think.