Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Not to rain on any parades but where are our scores going to come from?
We’re still missing at least two top scoring forwards to really compete with the top teams. Schutte may fill one of those gaps depending on how he can re-adapt after two (?) years out from inter county.
I think our midfield is still an unknown too.


Dillon & Schutte are two brand new players this year.
If Hedgo keeps up his form and you had those 3 tough men hunting ball. Takes the single option of “drive it into Rushe” with Keaney running off him…

Personally think we’ve more option now than ever


Hedgo is the unknown, can he bring his form to the summer or is he only fit for winter hurling. Huge asset if he can bring it into the summer months.


Our midfield is improving I mean weve got mcbride malone boland and treacy and in my opinion the competition is certainly stronger than last year with boland overcoming injury worries(hopefully for the foreseeable future) and treacy being given a shot by kenny. Bit of a selection headache there for kenny which is no harm and maybe we need one more forward but schutte trollier and burke all back and when you look back at this years championship we were a couple of bad wides away from turning over the cats and wexford so plenty to build from but as soon as the walsh cup is over we need a better showing in the league give the lads a bit more confidence going into nowlan park the first day out against kilkenny


Also o’connell Who was cuala’s mvp in their second all ireland win imo. Alongside Boland/McBride that’s a potential quality midfield. With pace and physical presence.

Dillon, Schutte & Burke back should add to our scoring threat. Would be great to find another option in the spring, hedgo looks like he could add something different. Some talented younger players around, need one or two of them to push on and challenge for a place.


8/1 to win Leinster & 20/1 to win the All Ireland…

Wait ya’s see, come back to me in 9months



Woul you agree we are around 7th in the picking order at the moment - as in Limerick, Galway, Cork, Clare, Tipp, Kilkenny and probably Waterford.?
As Rico has said, we need at least 2 more quality forwards to make a big impact this year.


Kilkenny do not currently have 6 scoring forwards. Nor do Wexford. Nor do Waterford.


Ahead of waterford, on par at minimum with Kilkenny. And once we get our feet under the desk, we’ll give anyone a rattle…(don’t miss read me as saying we’ll just out out and beat them!!)


I would fully agree with all of that.


And none of them are winning all Ireland’s or even provincials. You’ve proved the point.
Plus Kilkenny have Reid and Waterford have Gleason. Closest thing we have is Danny but he needs to regain 2013 form.


My reply was about pecking order. Gleeson should be centre back for the county and TJ’s star is waning. I certainly don’t fear the cats any more.


I wouldn’t fear them either. While we’re going in the direction and Kenny is a huge positive, I still think we’re 5/6 points off Galway/Tipp and 3/4 off Cork.
I think limerick will return to the pack this year. Wouldn’t fear the rest.


Probably a fair assessment, but that’s a big step in the right direction from a couple of years ago and there’s scope for improvement from there for sure.


7th is a step up already, we were lower in recent years.

I think we have loads of forward options. My fear actually is that we have too many and time will be lost finding the best collection. If we take last years main six as say Sutcliffe, Keaney, Whitely, Rushe, Ryan and Malone there are a lot more now that can add to that.

Dillon will definitely improve the team, Burke probably likewise. I think Conor Burke will be a starting forward come summer time. I would be surprised if Paul Crummy doesn’t get a good shot at it. The older Currie will get a chance. McGibb is getting better. Conroy could get in there, Hetherton could well get in there. We have four good guys for midfield, so Cian Boland might be pushed into the forwards. Treacy is still quality as is Winters.

I think the forwards will definitely be improved on last year. As I said, my fear is he would change too much - for this first year I think he should err on the side of continuity, even if that means leaving guys who are conceivably better on the bench.


Agree with you on the midfield its still definiely unproven against top opposition. A few lads who have been talked about for a few years as “having potential” are now at an age where they need to grasp the nettle and prove they are worthy of starting places and are not there as a result of a lack of options. Boland has shown at u21 against Kilkenny he can do a job there(maybe needs injury free time and hope he can deliver on his talents on a consistent basis) Mcbride has shown glimpses of brilliance just needs to keep producing consistently and Sean Treacy has shown real quality and hurling intelligence for Cuala in this position…reading dangerous situations and creating attacks from defense positions with intelligent solo runs and ball played into the forwards.
As regards the attack I think having Colm Cronin back at centre forward will be critical …he wins clean and dirty ball and importantly has pace to burn and can be the real threat to create goals we have not had. He is more effective on bigger pitches to i feel because he has more space at running through the gaps and then laying it off to others. Outside of him Danny and Schutte will be certain starters. Possibly with Paul Ryan, trollier and Dillon adding that finishing ability and quality touch.
Our backline i think is as good as any other teams. Plenty of competition for places too will hopefully drive the quality up.
Even the younger guys who are getting a run now have all competed in all ireland semi finals and won schools competitions at leinster level. So the amount they are going to come on training at a high level is really going to stand to them in good sted in the years to come. Who knows maybe one or two of them will settle quickly and play a part come the summer…the age profile at intercounty is getting younger and younger as evidenced by Limerick last year.


What game do we think will be the most important in championship? I reckon it has to be Wexford at home the second game after the kilkenny away game. It was effectively where our championship ended last year and if we were to beat them which we could have last year it should be enough to get us out of the group. Exact same as last year where they have a bye the first week where as we have kilkenny away, I thought it affected them last year but if we win that and beat carlow we should come 3rd on head to head and maybe even grab 2 points from kilkenny or galway and we could be in a leinster final, but the realistic aim next year should be to come 3rd and id take that right now but most certainly were good enough to give it a right good go and the tails are up a bit more after last year


For me it is all about Wexford. It is like a one off championship game of old. The fear is Wexford sneak a win somewhere else resulting in it not being enough to progress to just beat Wexford and Carlow. But likewise I think we can get a win somewhere else if needed.

But I do reckon it will all be decided by the Wexford game. I think too that we should have too much for them - injuries allowing.


Ahead of waterford and on par with kk what have you been drinking over xmas


Great post and bang on. Without having a defeatist attitude a loss in nowlan park is not fatal in round robin and would make us underdogs with wexford in Parnell park. A win there and then a win against carlow would set us up nicely against Galway again hopefully in the Nell who knows I think we could get a result there.

All eyes on wexford and Davy as it’s effectively win or bust. Has not got them back to year one and I think he’ll come again with same game plan.

If we get forwards on form we definetly have a good platform at the back to push on.