Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


But with the time of year etc, I wouldn’t criticize someone for heading off after the first match, 2 full games is a lot of time at a very busy time of year.


Beats watching the telly or listening to the wife and kids :smile:


True :grin:


It’s not new though, I remember training Stephen’s day and New Year’s Eve 30 years ago at underage level with the club.


If the hurlers win an AI though they will bring the event junkies on board. I am not sure that would be a good thing - but it will happen.


Never meant that either. But there’s plenty of hype since he didn’t get the job a couple of years back.
Success isn’t the major factor for invitation games. It’s just that more people like football.


Everywhere you go…


It’s absolutley ludicrous carry on.


Dublin has been a football county since inception whether we hurlers like it or not. Despite all our hurling titles there’s only one native Dub who has actually won a senior All-Ireland medal. It wasn’t until 1926 when a club reached the senior hurling club final with homegrown players. We haven’t been in an All Ireland senior final since the 60s… Personally I’ve just learned to enjoy the game for what it is and promote it on the field as much as possible.


A bigger football crowd at invitation games in Dublin doesn’t mean that football doesn’t have its problems either.


I honestly thought he would be a good appointment for them but that’s one sure way of pissing players off early doors. Training today and Stephen’'s day I believe. :roll_eyes:

I fail to see the benefit of this, next week is the 1st week in January, then is time enough imo.


You cannot treat club players like inter county players. There’s a member down there who should be able to tell him that.

On the largest scale you would wonder where the demands on top club and county players will eventually lead us.


Happy Christmas to 99% of the good hurling people on here! To the other 1% Happy Holiday! :beer:


Ah, Jaysus. I was always at a loss as to what it was that set you Vinnie’s lads aside. :joy::joy: Now you feckin’ tell me?


I understand your concerns but, good God, that’s not the worst price to pay for All-Ireland hurling glory. I can live with that.


I’s Have your arm off


Having just watched the highlights of the Dublin v Kilkenny match on RTE 2, I have to remark that (a) Michael Duignan is anti-Dublin and is also a dose, (b) Keaney going off injured killed us and © Paddy Smyth was most certainly pushed in the back for Blanchfield’s goal, without which, we would have beaten Kilkenny (And Wexford too). I cannot wait for next year.


All true. We’ll have a huge say next year


Yeah roll on 2019 haven’t looked forward to a hurling campaign in such a long time.


Proper use of “we” on here! :sunglasses: