Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Is Danny Sutcliffe involved with seniors for 2019?


As far as I’m aware, yes!


Dublin squad seemed well up for the game today. Impressed with the defence in particular where Luke Walsh, Luke Corcoran and Darren Kelly dominated their opponents. Davy Keogh gave it his usual 110% but spent most of the second half trying to attack rather than defend.
Midfiled and attack linked up well and Oisin O’Rorke benefitted from good supply from the likes of Glenn Whelan,
Few enough of the Blue Stars caught the eye but David O’Connor hurled well at corner back and was busy all day. It was interesting to see Lee Gannon come on at midfield for the 2nd half but the intensity had gone out of the game at that stage.
This was a much more useful outing Blue Stars outing than most with a lot of newer lads keen to impress and many of the established lads like Keaney, Paul Ryan and David Treacy missing up front where Hedgo might also have given the Blue Stars a bit more impact.


Enjoyable first half today, competitive enough flowing game… second half Dublin pulled away…
Personally thought Daire Grey had a very good game.
Thought Ryan O’Dwyer was decent too.
De Poire played the second half and made a fantastic 1-1 save from less than 10yards. Really good save.

Poor from the crowd, i reckon nearly half left after the football.

Delighted with the win for Dublin, wouldn’t want any early undue pressure on the management :smirk: @Sam_11


That save was from billy Ryan apparenlty. Too cold this timely year for double header challenge matches.


Is the dubstars jersey on sale anywhere or is our only for the players?



Agree. And it was very cold. But the amount of people that left was more to do with Football v Hurling than the cold


But but but I thought everyone was agreed that football is a terrible game in national crisis?


Playing hurling in December / January is totally daft and players should be given a break. Football more like Rugby, seems to suit the wet conditions.


What’s your point?




A break? Tell that to the senior football club team that’s training twice in the next three days :joy::joy::joy:


Why do most people want to watch the football, even with all the bad press, even with the fact that little was at stake in the games, even with all the talk and hype about Kenny taking over?


Dr Crokes played the East Kerry final yesterday


Some terrible shite written about football in fairness.


Um, because Dublin is a football county primarily.


As in most sports success plays a part in crowd pulling. I was reading crap on social media yesterday about people giving out that the all ireland winning players were not playing yesterday and people didn’t know who were playing for Dublin. Had these people bothered going to watch club games they would know the players.

As for the hype around Kenny where did this come from? I don’t recall anyone saying Dublin have hurling sorted now and multiple all irelands in the bag. Hurling never has and will never have the same support simply because people who support the hurlers are involved with Gaa. A lot of people who go to football matches have no connection with Gaa


I can’t understand people going to intercounty matches in the winter months - never mind club games. I even remember going to one League Final at the beginning of April and it was bloody freezing. June-August is the only time to go to games - once it’s not raining. You can put up with bad weather for the final in September if need be. On average you’d get 4 or 5 ok days in the 6 matches each year.