Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Keaney coming back in 2019 after shoulder surgery and rehab. Probably likely towards the end of league campaing in prep for having input into the championship league campaing.


One name not mentioned here a lot, but he did well last year, is Winters. A few games in particular stuck out for me with him, Galway in the league where he had a great battle with the full back (which he probably won), when he came on against Kilkenny and Galway in the championship where he turned the game in the second half.

Unfortunately for him it’s a new managment and he has to prove his case again, but he could. Also he is a good free taker and neither Treacy or Ryan are sure of their places and we have no one else remotely good enough.


Good shout, he was starting to settle in at county level. How did he go with Brigids for end of shc?

Agree with you and someone else above, that we have a lot of lads coming through who could/should be able tof r county level and to maintain a good standard.

What we really need now is for some of them to really kick on and grab jerseys and make themselves undroppable. It’s mostly in the forwards where we’ve spots up for grabs so he has a chance. I’ve high hopes that Kenny will improve players with time and hopefully et the most out of them. he could use some luck on the injury front as well, which we haven’t always had.


It’s great to finally be spoilt for choices when discussing Dublin Hurling. Really looking forward to 2019.


I heard Paul Winters is in Australia until early in the new year, he has not played with Brigids the last few games. Good hurler.


No harm having a break. Hope he’s having a ball down there.


As long as it’s not a size 5 ya big hurling nazi :wink:


That’s a pity, no harm resting up for the league but not ideal preparation for championship.


Sounds to me as if he will be utilised as impact sub at different stages of championship as opposed to nailed on starter! But Im sure both him and Kenny had a good chat about how they would approach things in 2019.


The likes of Keaney, Sutcliffe and Rushe missing games is no bad thing I sometimes think. They go for ball with no regard for their own safety, so I often wonder how they finish games at all.

Sutcliffe especiallly does insane stuff, and he isn’t a hugely physically built up lad. They all have to play games to get them up to speed, but I would think it’s a balance between that and having them available when we really need them.


Probably the bravest man to go for a ball when tuned in, he sees nothing else. but hugely physical if not as bulky as rushe or keaney. He put unreal legit hits in during the inter football championship


something tells me your a judes man?

Seriously though Danny is a big unit, he certainly wouldnt be considered one of our smaller players. He needs games though, he isnt fully back to where he was pre ‘he who shall not be named’.


No he’s not bsck there yet


I don’t know, the only thing I could see off last year was his shooting, and that was never perfect with him. For that Limerick game last year and he played Limerick on his own.


Heavy rain falling the next 2 days, chances of PP being washed out on Sunday


In the event of game being switched to DCU. Anybody know what bus pass by grounds?


4, 9, 11, 13 stop outside the ground. 83 drops off a 3-4 minute walk from the ground


Good man! Thanks for that! :+1:



Just looking at pictures from the game yesterday, Hetherton looks in good shape already. He’s a serious unit. Could be a game changer for the way Dublin play next year.