Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I thought as much. Those Mourinho lads, I’ll give them one thing. They never feared Tipp!


Curtain ?


As in, David Curtain?
But your right with Ballyboden anyway




Well you did kinda give that away


Have to give some hints do i not?


You do. Or you could just say who it is you big tease.


Heard it’s micky McCullough.




He’s a very good player and was very good for Whitehall season gone and very athletic.

I’ve seen him play a number of positions for them including wing and corner back and he man marked Trollier when they played them.


Didnt he play further up the pitch for the minors/u21s?


Lukasz Kirszenstein ?


A Tipp man who took the soup and went to Galway!


How come Diarmo not getting a mention? Must be an issue with the management.


Wasn’t sure if I had missed something … :roll_eyes:


I don’t think we have ever had as many possibles for the county team. In a lot of years the first 18 or so more or less picked themselves. I don’t think that is the case anymore. We absolutely need O Callaghan, O Donnell, Crummy, Moran, Sutcliffe, Rush and Dillon - but for the other 7 outfield spots I could name probably 15 guys at least that would do ok.

Obviously some will do better then others. But if Kenny can create the environment where they all fight it out for the spots and the best man wins, we should be in a good place. I think that was the key to the footballers breakthrough in ‘11. We always had good footballers, but a lot of them were interchangeable without any big difference. Gilroy made it so the ones who performed best in the game plan he wanted, were rewarded with starts. It was all logical and couldn’t be disputed really.


Kenny’s key job will be to improve the players at his disposal, or get them playing to the best of their ability. He certainly achieved that with Cuala. Fingers crossed he can repeat the dose. If he does we may not win anything but we should have an enjoyable few years.


I don’t particularly care about winning to be honest, but I would like us to be eating at the top table.


I’d eat in the toilet as long as we win something.


Yea! 2011 and 2013 were two very special days for us starved Dublin hurling supporters!