Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I get what you mean. It’s a mindset thing alright and in general I agree.

However, in defence of that decision I think that was the first year when players weren’t allowed past the 21 and with 3 players still on the line.
Ya would have to be Joe Canning to stand a chance of scoring a goal.
Didn’t Tipp miss two penos in drawn all Ireland final later that year. Brought down by cynical Kilkenny fouling as they knew the chances of scoring goals from them were slim.
Bet they wished they tapped them over the bar now!!


They did in fairness. however, Dooley only scored a point a two in the whole SHC here. He is good, but there are lots of lads way more suited and deserving of a shot on Kenny’s team.


He scored 1-2 in the drawn final v crokes and i thought he looked a real threat, hasn’t hit those heights since, which would suggest he’s got a lot to do to make a difference at county level.


One thing Boden can’t be accused of this season is not scoring or going for goals. It didn’t happen for them on Sunday but before then they were not taking the handy point when there was a sniff of a goal.


People were still scoring around 50% of them back then. I still think going for it was the right move.

Tipp just didn’t have a good taker, Callanan hit them both poorly and he hit one right after getting K.O’d as far as I remember which wasn’t very wise.


Keaney wouldn’t have the speed in the ball for a penalty from that distance. If teams have a guy with the speed they should go for it, and if they don’t they shouldn’t. I think at the moment the ratio missed is about 3 to 1. Maybe higher now, but for the first year or two of the 20m line rule, that’s what it was. But even that is misleading, the same guys were scoring 100% of the time, so a lot of other teams were missing 100% of the time. If I had a county team, I would get one of those ball speed measuring yokes they use in baseball. Only guys who hit a benchmark speed should take penalties and if there isn’t anyone they should take a point.

There is no nuance in hurling penalty taking. You pick a spot and try to get the ball there before the keeper does. Preferably the spot is as far away from him on the opposite side to the one he has the hurl. It is just a race, the ball versus the keeper. If you don’t have someone who can move the ball at that speed, you shouldn’t enter the race.


Luckily we now have Sean Moran who can belt a penalty.


Heaed there’s a challenge on Thursday in Dcu against Waterford, no idea of the time though.


It’s just 20 to 9.


F*ck off :joy::joy:


Any word on that challenge game? He’s obviously not letting the grass grow under his feet!


There is no growth at this time of year.


I usually have to loosen my belt by a notch or three around Christmas time.


I hear Johnny McCafferey has stepped away from Inter county panel! Wish him well in his retirement. He gave his all for the Navy and Blue! Vital cog to the system during Daly’s time in charge!


Great player in his time. A real leader. Best of luck to him.


McCaffery made the very best of himself as a hurler. He wasn’t the tallest, or the quickest, but he mastered all of the main skills and could use them all of the time. Some guys can do good stuff and it works 90% of the time, McCaffery carried out the basics correctly 99.9% of the time. That’s a rarer talent then a lot of people think. He will be missed around the squad I reckon.

Very pointed retirement statement also. No love lost obviously with him and Ger Cunningham. Why oh why was the Cunningham reign let continue full term?


Johnny was a very solid and honest campaigner for the dubs. Someone who very much grew up with and through Dublin hurling as we know it today.

As an aside, he’s still only 31. I often think of that age group and I wonder how all of them are now gone from the panel relatively early. They were vital to Dublin hurling when they broke through. Himself, Brady, durkin, Boland, Dec O Dwyer to name a few All came from that Leinster minor winning side.


2005 minor team had a massive impact. Shame to see so many of them gone relatively early, but it’s mostly because they’re struggling to hold onto starting spots, so manybe a good sign?


Jaysus @Tayto they’re only bleedin retiring!


ha, didn’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but joey boland for example - surely had more to offer. Sure his pace was an issue at times but he was a warrior for dublin.