Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Anyone tell me are the hurlers training behind closed doors ?If not where and when they train , my youngone has me pestered to go watch …


Generally in DCU I think, maybe not at this time of year?


Sketch lads … its the CHC police …


Switching between DCU and Abbotstown


Ok with Ballyboden now knocked out! Who from them can we realistically see included in panel for NHL. I’m assuming they will be rested for Walsh Cup!


Dooley & Mellett had good games in Dublin but quiet enough in Leinster & both were subbed off early today.


Let me get this straight, you want to know somewhere secret to send your youngone to watch sporty lads being wristy? Careful, the Res Outrage Police will be after you.


I thought Dooley was very poor and looked lost up front whatever his role was.


He looked unstoppable v Crokes in the drawn game, hasnt hit those highs since. Although he could still have a role to play for Dublin.


Assume the Boden players will be given time off at this stage, so will be interesting to see who is involved this side of christmas.


After they play their league final this weekend!!!


Good point, v NFianna as well inst it, so Matty will be without a fair few.


My choice of wording was maybe wrong . I was enquiring if anyone could go watch the hurlers train or was it ‘off limits’ . My daughter has seen the ladies football , men’s football and the camogie team have open nights to watch and get autographs this year and she has me now pestered to get her to a hurling session …


I was only pulling your wire. Or was it ‘pestering’? :wink:


I don’t think Dooley is anywhere near what Dublin need in inter county forward. Puts himself about and can be a handful, but he doesn’t score a lot, and Ballyhale backs are well used to keeping lads like him quiet.


I don’t think Dooley really has the touch for an inter-county out field player. It would be hard for him to have after concentrating on goals, which is a different skill set really. Mellet likewise will take time, there were guys rightly ahead of him on this years U21 team who will get a shot first - but he didn’t do his chances any hard in the Dublin championship.

I don’t think Boden have anyone new to bring to the table really. In reality they were surprise winners of Dublin, Crokes and Cuala would have been rated ahead of them. Cuala ran out of steam and Crokes didn’t perform anything near like they can in the replay. Losing Howard was a massive blow to them too, he is their most important player probably.


They kept all of bodens forwards quiet.


One HUGE difference I noticed in both teams attacks was how the Ballyhale forwards were always sniffing for a goal and they eventually got them. Boden on the other hand had one crystal clear chance of a goal not long into the second half and a point was taken instead. I think it might have been a substitute who may just wanted to have got on the scoreboard but it stank of weakness to me.

This is something you would see with Dublin Hurling a lot over the years too except for this year. Anyone remember Keaney taking a point from a penalty in the first 5mins of the 2014 Leinster Final against Kilkenny - awful weak decision.

You have to go for goal when you can against any KK outfit as they probe all the time to get a few themselves.


It’s the difference between hoping and expecting.


Dooley is defo not up to the standard to be an inter county forward imo