Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


O’Sullivan & Quinn playing some good stuff with Colleges…


So we’ve narrowed it down to about a panel of 45 :joy:

Keyboard selectors is right.


Benefit of kenny is he has been watching and building tactics to exploit most teams in Dublin for the last few years. To be fair to Pat, he done an amazing job, but he wasn’t immediately immersed in Dublin Club hurling the way Mattie is/was… adding that Pat has done a massive chuck of the hard work already in getting players back on board, i suspect Mattie is getting off an a much much stronger foot than Pat, won’t have to cast the net as wide and also may have a better idea of each players strengths and weaknesses from the off.


While colleges are not in the Walsh Cup, lots of the players maybe doing a bit with them as well, and I think considering the names mentioned in the back room team they will be well aware of the colleges players…would the concentration be on players without college commitments or is that commitment light enough at this time of year…

funny Tayto I heard the panel was 45, 35 from last year and about 10 additions …


My last count was 215 :joy::joy:


No harm having 45 lads training away. Be new to some lads and be good for them.

Fact is though some lads will look great playing ahl or club championship but its a different game when some lad from Kilkenny Galwsy Tipp etc is stood next to you battling for that ball with you. Chances are hell match you for speed strength stamina and of course hurling ability and thats were some lads will or would be found wanting at that level. Playing club you will always have lads who have that extra % over an opponent and they exploit it. But at county youll be matched or bettered and only the very best mentally as well as physically and skill wise will survive


That’s the thing, it is really hard to know who will perform against the best. Connor Burke was jaw droppingly good in last weeks U21 final, but I don’t know if he has the pace for inter-county. You can be superb at winning the ball, but if you are late to the contest for it, then it has no meaning (although I think he will be grand).

I guess that a) management have to have the experience to know what attributes work and what doesn’t and b) they get to play them in internal games against fellow good players and are able to judge it.

That was what I really had against Ger Cunningham. He didn’t seem to know and just tried Hail Mary stuff (Hetherton from nowhere to championship and other one off selections in important games). The stuff like Rushe as a forward I never minded, because at least it was consistent and meant he had a plan.


That’s just the backs…


Carlow game pushed out till Tuesday evening


Is our 2nd game the following Sunday? Think it’s v Offally home venue.


16th yep


Next games are
11th v Carlow - away
16th v Offaly - home
22nd Dubstars in Barrogs
6th v Laois - away
13th semi finals
20th final


Dub Stars in Mearnog’s or Barrog’s?


Apologies your right. Pairc Barrog


Is it still in Dr. Cullen? Didn’t think they had lights. (Not casting aspersions on the level of development in Carlow!) CIT do.

Should have googled that first, I does.


Never doubt dublin match tracker tumbles. :yum:


My Twitter machine has decided that I am a non person for the time being!


Venue is TBC to be fair


I’d say you’ll be looking at CIT.