Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


So let me get my head around this! All Dublin need to do in NHL this season is ensue we don’t finish bottom of 1b? Other than that it’s just housekeeping to decide which section we play in the following year!


Any type of secondary championship will falter on the rocks of the better players from weaker counties heading to the States once they’re out of the Sam Maguire race. Doesn’t matter what you call it. How you dress it up. Where and when you play the final. It doesn’t compare with a couple of well paid months having fun in America.


The problem here is though the committee is huge and no one is responsible. If things go wrong there is no one person or group to hold responsible. Everyone is responsible so therefore no one is responsible.

I would have no issue if a small committee of two or three made the decisions and this committee in turn was elected by congress.

Things are being changed without there being an over arching goal. What is the goal behind changing the hurling leagues? I didn’t even think anyone had a particular issue with the leagues. But they will have the firs time Carlow get tanked by Kilkenny or something.

The football rule change thing is worse, there is no direction at all in that, it’s just chaos theory at work.


If they start in the top tier and go into a b championship it will not work. If they have to win the b championship to qualify for the a championship the following year it will work.


I know it’s probably for a different thread but seems you mentioned it: The football changes were IMO introduced because of Dublin’s dominance in that code! I genuinely believe that top brass are rightly pissed off with us! Mind you they have no issue with the massive gate receipts Dublin generate!


The same gate receipts I believe that fund GPO’s across Leinster…



There is only 24 players on that, there used to be more. Not sure who was there that isn’t there now though.


It’s been like that since early this year @Wifi.




Kenny’s first game is coming up soon enough so other than the boden crew we’ll have a good idea of who he is looking at.


I see Rushe is listed as a defender! That could of course be a default in Hill16 web page! Very interesting to see where Kenny decides is his best position. Keaney is also listed as a midfielder. That won’t be happening anyway.


It is hard to know what would be the best approach, and also what approach he would take. Does he really need to look at 35 or 40 players between Walsh Cup and League, or does he have a fair idea what he wants.

It is very hard to not to look at players. Even on this thread we have probably listed 40 different players that could be in the mix. But I would be happy if he just concentrated on maybe finding three more that would slot into last years team (on the basis that they can prove they can do better then the lads that were there).

I was very impressed last year the way Gilroy nailed his colours to the mast on the six defenders. The defense was hugely consistent throughout and came good in a big way come championship time. It takes courage to do that, and faith in your convictions, but I suspect it’s a better way then giving everyone a go at it. Possibly not as fair, but probably better for Dublin.


No doubt Kenny would be well aware from his time with Cuala of ability of club lads not currently listed on Dublin panel! Probably only 3 or 4 that he needs to take a look at. That’s apart from the fringe Cuala lads obviously!


He says he’s going to build on last year, so, i don’t think he’ll be casting the net too far and wide.


Good point. Possibly the strongest one in his favour apart from Cuala.

No harm to Daly but how many club games did he actually see himself? I know Hetherton and Stakelum were doing that but manager needs to be hands on in that way. Which is arguably one of reasons why Davy Fitz did not do as well as hoped in Waterford or Wexford. Cody might listen to Fogarty and McGarry and others. but you can be damn sure he doesn’t take it sight unseen!


And as Tayto said, he has said already his intention is to build on last year, not start again. But the problem is, it is really hard to know what 3 or 4 to bring through. Off the top of my head, I think Paul Crummy, Curry (older one), Conroy, Connor Burke, O Connell (Cuala), McGibb, Donal Burke, Hayes, maybe Hetherton and the returning Dillon and Donal Burke could all fit into the first 15. Obviously they all won’t or can’t, but it is very hard to back a horse among them. But then again, I guess that is why Kenny is the Dublin manager and I amn’t…


Hetherton Donal Burke O Connell Dillon and Hayes should all be added! Maybe 2 or 3 from Boden apart from the obvious ones like Paul Ryan and Keaney etc. But your right. That’s why Kenny is manager and you and me are just Key Board selectors!


Key Board Selectors … very good!


Actually in my never ending list of potentials I am throwing out there, I forgot one proven one. Winters did well last year when bought on. In the Galway championship game, himself and Dillon turned the game. Before they appeared it was going very badly and I was fearing what the extent of the loss might be.


I was just going to say winters. Cian O’Sullivan is another, didn’t get much time last year with injury but is apparently in good form.

Would be great if Alex Quinn was able to commit, pacey scoring forward.

We have a lot of lads in and around the panel who could make it, we just need two/three of them to kick on now and develop into serious county players.