Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Exciting for the young lads, with Schutte and O’Connell back i like that Kenny is saying this is not a transition year, that he is going to build on last year. Just needs to get the balance right in the midfield-forwards, sounds like he’s going to give some younglads a taste as well which is good and can be done without the wholesale experimentation we saw last winter (which was good for us at the time).

Someone named a strong team above, add O’Connell to that and maybe a Cronin and we have lot of experience, physicality and a bit of pace.


Being in the walsh cup round robin gives Mattie good scope to blood the younger lads and bring back in the lads after a break. Extra games are no harm really.



I nabbed the above off Twitter (@sixteofourtwo). It’s good. Stats only show a part of the picture and have to be taken in context. But from a Dublin point of view it tells me that if we improve that scoring ratio per shot by 10% (so we are top 3 in that list), we become All Ireland contenders.

We just didn’t score enough from play last year. And given the small margins of defeat, it is the low hanging fruit to be fixed first (assuming we can maintain everything else).

The other standout for me though is Limericks success with their own puckouts. That is the thing that made them the best in the country.


Well for all the talk of not having anyone who can catch a clean ball, we’re second in number of contested catches won. Can also see clearly the fruits of the work rate, teams had their lowest pass success rate against us, that all comes down to putting the man on the ball under pressure.

As you said, improve our scoring and we’re contenders, but sure you could say that about anyone, score more and you’ll win more, easier said than done…


Our backs can most certainly catch ball. I believe that if we sort 10, 11 and 12, we will have a chance, whoever we play.


Think 12 is well sorted


Based on the other stats though we are well placed in most other categories, the only one we are low on really is the conversion.

Turnovers would be an interesting one though. If you are creating turnovers, winning a good percentage of both puckouts and converting a decent percentage, you would be in a good place and probably wouldn’t need to know a whole lot more.


Well I see we are now sure of league promotion next year anyway. Makes this years league really just a series of challenge games really.


Didn’t see that at all… seemed to slip in under the radar with talk of the football changes. Just looked it up

[quote] Allianz Hurling Leagues in 2019 to be run on the same basis as in 2018. From 2020 onwards, Allianz Hurling League Division 1 to be structured as follows:

Division 1 – Group A

1st Placed team 2019 Div 1A

4th Placed team 2019 Div 1A

Winner of Div 1A relegation play-off

2nd placed team 2019 Div 1B

3rd placed team 2019 Div 1B

Promoted Div 2A team

Division 1 – Group B

2nd placed team 2019 Div 1A

3rd placed team 2019 Div 1A

Loser of Div 1A relegation play off

1st Placed team 2019 Div 1B

4th placed team 2019 Div 1B

5th placed team 2019 Div 1B

– Groups to run on a two year cycle (2020, 2021)

– To be redrawn for 2022 and every two years thereafter based on formula above (“5th placed team Div 1B” to change to “Relegation final winners” for this purpose).

– Relegation from 2020 onwards to be after Relegation Play-Off between bottom placed team in Group A and Group B.



Take a while to get the head around this messes up the 1a and 1b this year alright.


It really was under the radar, it hardly gets a mention. But it’s hugely significant. The league as a competition for the top tier has lost its significance now. Relegation will be the only issue and that should only involve the Carlow’s / Laois’s of this world.

So countles like the above will play at least 4 teams now in the league who will hammer the shite out of them. The whole basis of having different divisions is to have them competitive. That isn’t the case now.

Also, they are still going to have relegation play offs next year, just to decide which equal group of six the teams go into. I doubt these games will ever actually happen.


Why bother changing it


exactly. We’ve been here before (or close enough to) and it was not a great format. means the league really is shadow boxing. They really need to combine the league and championship and have one really good competition. Like the American football season.


Hoganstand haven’t realised it happened yet anyway, no mention of it there (and they have the rule changes).

But there might be merit in it, in that both divisions will be like 1B is now, and I thought that was a good division for teams in transition to develop. But the league won’t be what it is now, it will be like an extended Walsh Cup.

But even if it is good, it will have come about by accident, which isn’t a good way to do things. There was little or no discussion about it. It effects 12 counties, but 33 / 34 counties (not sure how many British ones are represented at congress) will have voted on it. Including the likes of Cavan who don’t even have a hurling team.

Until they get a methodology right for changing things, we will just lurch between good stuff and mental stuff as the wind blows us.


i read something about it during the week, think it was in the examiner, meant to post it here butmust have forgotten. Agree that 1B was a good division, but the carrott of promotion was something to aim for, the GAA seem to not get this idea that qualifying for something is a motivation for teams and fans to aim for outside actually winning at the top grade. Other sports are built on promotion and relegation battles outside the top 4 richest clubs.

What happened with the tiered football champsionship proposals? Or was that up for debate yesterday, i’d look online but have a howler of a hangover and have to do me VAT return.


Good luck with that!!

I think on the football championship the proposal was a B championship for teams that are knocked out of the main championship. So a fudge and won’t achieve anything. But so think that one is being ratified in January. But as is, it just sounds like an even worse version of the Tommy Murphy Cup


Isn’t there an old saying about a camel being a horse invented by a committee?

Why can’t they leave the thing alone? Only reason current system is in place is because they didn’t want certain “traditional” counties to be relegated. They got over that by calling Division 2 Division 1B and that you have to be incredibly sh1t to get relegated to Division 3 (otherwise known as 2A - also not to diss mythical traditional counties like Antrim.)

Then you have ludicrous situation where top four teams in both top tiers go into quarter finals. Which has actually worked out well enough despite its dodgy origins. Remember when counties like Wexford and one or two others said they would REFUSE to be relegated :grinning:

New system as said above means league is a mockery. And as Liam said, pretty hard to even understand in bureaucratic speak.


So the tommy murphy cup … which was a colossal flop for that very reason … oh ffs they never learn.


There’s definitely something in that :joy: