Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Billings did, you are right… A very tough hurler, but not the most stylish. Used to catch the ball and then switch hands to hit it. But he was effective.


It’s great to bring them in, but hopefully he doesn’t intend to start 3 of them against top class opposition, like Cunningham did against Tipp a couple of years ago.


No I hear it’s just 2 get them used to the set up can’t see him playing any of them was just curious as to who they were.


Even younger then the ones Cunningham brought through. Not sure I see the benefit at this age but might just be giving them a taste


It can do nothing but benefit them Mattie obviously knows Dublin hurling and brought these players in get them on to programmes to build them get them used to training with hopefully in 2 or 3 years tat these lads will play with definitely benefits them.


I don’t they are younger Tayto - Burke. Smith, O Sullivan and maybe Whitley played just a few months after minor finished.


But minor was u18 at the time


Best bet would be to politely stand aside! I didn’t like him when he was with Vinnies but used to be on same bus to away hurling games and he was great crack. Loved listening into some of the scurrilous tales he would tell! When there was the proposal to bar UCD from SHC he said something on lines of: “Come out and break a few sticks across us. Don’t be whinging.” :grinning:


Ah yea, i doubt matie is going to throw them in, assume it’s a longer-term plan. I would like to see some of the last years u21s brought in as well (or in some cases retained).


:joy::joy: id say we all know the percentage chance of this happening…
We need that sarcastic like button !!!


Sorry mate I ment the last minor team that was under 18 my bad not last year’s under 17’s that’s why I was asking did anyone no who these players were


Ah right, i see, Ryan from Craobh maybe? or was he in the u17 team that year rather than the minor team … :joy:


No I’m sure Ryan from craobh played minor 2 or 3 years ago the team who were beating in Leinster final by Kilkenny


Any confirmation on a management team??


Ah, good point.


It was 2017 I think.


There’s is two Ryan’s billy and Conor, Both have played Dublin minor in the last 2 years and both have been called into the senior panel


Both very talented lads. Best of luck to them.


So has anyone else heard rumours? Few people back, some 2017 minors called up? anything else?


Young Gannon from Whitehall is one I believe