Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I thought Burke (Vincents) should have been in the 15.

What about McGabhan for Dublin?


Wasn’t Mac Gabhan in the 21s that reached AI semis?


McGabhan good enough for the Dublin senior panel in my book


Correct. lazy article

not a hope will any players in with a real shout of featuring change code in 2019 with 5 in a row on the cards. However , in 2020 I could see lads changing over, the 5 in a row will either have been achieved or lost out on. In either scenario, hurling may seem attractive, fresh challenge and a chance to fulfil a hurling ambition or labour of love

realistically who could switch over and it work out? I would say Con and perhaps Costello. He has played reasonably regular with Whitehall. after that hard to see who would work out

perhaps if O’Congaile threw himself into club hurling next year, he might have prospects at inter county the following year. thought he was an excellent minor hurler


He was well able previous seasons, scored 3 pts from midfield on his Dublin championship debut a few years back on a day Galway hammered Dublin. People were too busy lambasting Cunningham at the time and carrying baggage that the player was a Kerryman to see that he was a fine player.


He was good but I think he’ll be better now, hopefully,


great option to have , may not always start but gives options in several lines of the field, pace is a great asset too


Centre half back I think. With that sort of background it’s nearly surprising he hasn’t got a senior run already.


What about Conway the crokes half forward? Good player.



Throw in Mick Holden as well… Heffo picked him up at a club hurling game.



Agree on counts.


98 years on! Least we forget! 14 innocent souls RIP.


But why this thread?


And from a few years before that, Les Deegan (who scored the point that took us past Offaly in football (I think) in ‘74) was primarily a hurler. And an absolutely fabulous one too.


Wasn’t sure where to post it! But thought since incident involved a game in which Dublin were part of then this was ok! All Geals on every thread no doubt are happy to show their respects to these lost souls!


Of 1974 final team, O’Driscoll, Hanahoe and Keaveney had all played senior hurling for Dublin. As did of the wider panel Deegan and Billings (I think).

Saw somewhere that Heffernan had asked Vinnies dual players in 1962 to just play football for county. Possibly major factor in winning AI in 1963 and hurlers going into sharp decline. Some gave up hurling for Dublin altogether. Some like the Foleys and Ferguson might have taken year or two out but not certain on that. Heffo himself was good hurler of course.


PJ Buckley from Erin’s Isle :slight_smile:


I hear Mattie has brought 5 of last year’s minor team up to train with them anyone no who any of them Are?