Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


How many All-Ireland SFC medals has Shutte now?
If he can, as someone just on the fringes of the match day panels over the last few years, can be seen returning to hurling, it may indeed entice a few more back.


It won’t imho, he was in the unique position to have been a starter for the hurlers very recently, and picked up a couple of club hurling all irelands while on the very periphery of the football panel. None of the others are getting so little game time with the football or have been hurling at the level Mark has been over the last two years.


That article is complete garbage in fairness. The journalists lists Ciaran Kilkenny, Cormac Costello and Con o Callaghan as potentials to switch code now that Schutte has moved back. Mother of god.


Schutte was the most obvious candidate to come back by a long stretch.

O’Connell is a huge addition to the panel, he’s really kicked on the last two years and should be better able for county level now.


I also think that the Manager is over stated in these articles. I mean Mark Schutte made up his own mind. These are intelligent guys, he was making no inroads in the football squad and is a gifted hurler who has being playing that sport at the highest level with his club . If Gilroy had stayed on, i’v no doubt that Schutte would have gone back to Hurling this year also.


Would O’Conghaille go back? Or is it now at the stage where he probably isn’t good enough?


I’m not denying that for a second!!


Is he on the football panel anymore? He’d have his work cut out to make the hurling panel at this stage.


With the exception of Conal Keaney, I don’t think a player switching code in mid flight in their mid twenties has ever worked for the player in question. And Keaney had played a lot of high level hurling with Boden at the point of his transition back to Hurling. It’s almost impossible to do at the highest level. We’v seen so many examples such as Ross O Carroll, Tom Brady, Shane Ryan etc. And it’s even harder to do now.


Keaney different gravey altogether to those mentioned as well


Would not include Brady there - his ‘case’ is more like Schutte. Left the hurling set up when he had a lot to give - to sit on the football bench and be there mostly for training games.


Would Dotsy not fit into this group as well?


Beat me to it.


And Heno


Your not wristy enough! :grinning:


Schutte has been playing top class club and training like lunatic for three years. He’s 26. Great proposition to have back.

Kilkenny and Costello not in same category at all club wise, never mind not having hurled inter county as senior. Callaghan would be great but let’s face it: if you were almost first choice on probably best football team of all time preparing to tear up the record books, would you change?

Maybe 2020 !!


I think in fairness to the article above it is just mentioning good hurlers who went to football rather then a list of guys who could potentially switch back. But if I was to have a pick of anyone I would want back it would be Costello. Probably our best ever underage player, of any era, and still very handy at club level.

Brady is mentioned above. I think he was under rated as a footballer. He got very close to the first 15 in the footballers at times, and he would have been a mainstay of most other county sides.


I think it depends on what part of their mid 20s it is. 23, 24, 25 maybe ok, after that it gets doubtful. It also has to be factored how much they are hurling. You develop a lot of your skills from 18 on, it’s not just a question of keeping up the ones you had. If you haven’t tried to do this, you can’t pick it up when you come back.

Cork have had guys switch between the two, and even play dual, but they all would have played a lot of club hurling.


Really couldn’t disagree more with you on this point. I’ve seen him play dozens of times for NaFianna and he was barely mediocre on most occasions and awful on others. I wouldn’t have him as the first cousin of an intercounty footballer. A terrific hurler mind you!


Simmo seems to have transferred😉