Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Good news if true!


Nice one, that’s great news.


Id like to see Johnathan Treacy get a run out and Brennan from Cuala. Outside of goalkeeper potential team

O’Donnell O’Callaghan Smyth/Madden
Barrett Moran Crummy

       Malone   McBride

Keaney Rushe Sutcliffe
Dillon Schutte Ryan

One thing with that forward line is age. Would they have 70 mins champo in them? Looking then at Burke Whitley Hayes Mellett ORoinn Broinn Boland and maybe Dooley from Boden Tracey as well…jaysus were not short of a good panel


The hurlers are there. Bill O’Carroll was another one who impressed last year, was excellent for Crokes, especially in Cuala match, and did reasonably well in the final.

At times it was excruciating to watch them in league last year on top of the serial hammerings under Cunningham, but the current batch has been well and truly tested now. The transition between the Daly era was always going to be painful, whether it was a slow process or the almost falling apart that occurred in the three years after he left. But that seems well and truly left behind now. Lots of reasons to be optimistic.


I’m a big fan of Jonathan Tracy and I know Brendan McLoughlin was his coach for a year at DIT so knows all about him and hopefully will bring him back on to the panel


Whos the backroom team do you know?


Hopefully Colm Cronin next


First match in 3 weeks so we’ll soon get an idea of who is around.


I’ve been told that everyone is around. Schutte is definitely back, as is Darragh O’Connell. No one asked has refused


Was Con asked?


No Colm Basquel was asked instead :sunglasses:


Been told this too. Combination of Schutte coming back and the Mattie effect too! Great news for Dublin Hurling


Whats the odd on Jim Gavin & Mattie Kenny havin a right ding dong before the league is over :rofl::rofl:




Won’t get odds on that one, that is definitely going to happen, will be good for hurling.


That’s good news on both fronts. Let’s hope Mark can get back to where he was in early 2015. Even if he didn’t offer the same scoring threat, he’s got a physical presence we generally lack among the forwards.


That is a very decent team, more then decent actually. Schutte will need to do a lot of hurling to get back to where he was though, it is a few years since I have seen him at his best. But that 15 is probably better then anything we had during Daly’s time, and they weren’t bad at their best…

All the other contenders for places wouldn’t bring the physicality that 15 do, bar maybe Hetherton who had a very impressive championship and I think will get a chance to give it a shot. Hayes and Paul Crummy probably fall into that category too though.

Cian Boland is a quality hurler though, he has lost a lot of time with injury but he was shaping up to be a star. He could take a midfield slot. After that I suppose it is the usual issue of where to put Rushe. I actually don’t think the forward thing worked out as well as it is reputed to. It did against Kilkenny, but not really the other games. But in fairness he played very little hurling at all. But getting him in the right position could be key to the whole thing. I suspect he might be best as a defensive midfielder but getting under the puckouts from both sides. But I have never seen a guy who is so much better coming onto the ball then he is having to get it and turn. If he is to play in the forwards it needs to be in a position where he can come onto a ball in space. His best work against Kilkenny was where he could attack the ball as if he was a defender, and then worry about turning in his own time.


This was kinda sarcasm more than anything but thanks :sunglasses:



There was always going to be an article like that, basically listing every dual player of the last 10 years.