Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Scoil ui Chonnaill’s Twitter is excellent also!


Faughs have a good match tracker as well, no bants but just the scores.


For match updates yes, but the entertainment factor wouldn’t be exactly sky high. Not that I’d ever be shallow enough to think that is remotely important. :wink:




Of course, me either…


Cian O’C?


Paul Ryan?


And the list grows! Perhaps we are not in such a bad place after all! Just need proper guidance and belief that we can actually reach the summit!


I really don’t know what to think of him to be honest, I have never seem him do anything spectacular with the ball, including high fielding, which you would think would be a pre-requisite for a full back. Mind you, I have never seen a full forward he is marking do very much spectacular either, so I guess that’s the most important thing.

I think he definitely deserves his place now, he is in our top 15. But if we want to be seriously be challenging I think we need someone to overtake him and do better then he can do.


He’s like a fine wine, playing the hurling of his career now.


One thing Mattie Kenny will do as he did with Cuala Get them to play to maximum sum of their parts! We can’t really expect any more than that! And sometimes there is no need for 5 or 6 super stars! In fact often these super stars might be a distraction for the other 10 guys! Limerick are a typical example of this! Quality Hurlers absolutely! But not sure they have super stars. But they hurl as a unit and die on the pitch for each other! And fair play to them.


No mention of Whitley?

He was good for Dublin in championship, but was woefully misplaced by Daly I think in last two games, especially the replay when he was brought back after Dwyer went off.


Whatever the circumstances, he was far from his best in both games


Lots of potential. High hope for him. Needs to kick on at county level.


Don’t think midfield is his position at this level. Don’t know what Daly was thinking dropping him back to mark someone about two stone heavier and 2/3 inches taller. Wing forward is his best fit.


He was dropped back when O’Dwyer went off as cover, agree, should’ve stayed forward more of a threat.


Agree. Any game he’s ever been exceptional in has been in the half forward line. Sometimes managers can try be too cute or too eager to put their own stamp on a team. Players should be played in their most effective position as a starting point. If he’s not in the top three half forwards when it comes to picking the team he should just have to work harder to get there. Playing him out of position will do nothing for his confidence or his development.


Michael Carton was a typical example of this very point! Didn’t Cunningham move him into the full back line for no reason? Clearly his best position was Wing back!


Correct. Keaney to half back was another.
I would say Rushe to forwards, but maybe he wasn’t a million miles off there as that clearly worked this year. He probably just coached it wrong


I hear Mark Schutte is back with the hurlers