Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I sort of agree. There is way too much hyperbole in sport with everything being life and death, and everyone overcoming some hardship before their achievement. There can be way too much X Factor type stuff in all of this. I just want to watch the games, they can keep the back story in a lot of instances.

I prefer the Mick O Connell approach as quoted in this Brolly article

Having said that, in this instance O Donnell is just a young lad faced with a rake of journalists and trying to say something sensible, that’s not easy.


Has there been an official announcement off matty’s backroom team yet ?


Tha’ts my take on it, a young lad over egging it a bit. What harm.


Haddnt seen these:



Haven’t seen it anywhere but then not sure it’d make an article online?


Did they not say it would be announced at the next county board meeting? When ever that is!


Heard that alright, whether that has happened or not is another thing.


I see we got hurling club of the year.

How are these selected :joy:


You send in a big brown envelope Sam and…:rofl::rofl:


worth it for the free set of jerseys anyway :slight_smile:


Cheers @Tayto be interesting to see who is coming in with him.


Congrats. What club are you?




I was just thinking today that to be near winning All Ireland’s we need a minimum of 15 guys who could conceivably be in the top 3 or 4 in their position in the country. For my money we have the following
O Donnell
Rushe (in some position)

That’s not enough, but it’s not a bad start. I think there are others that can get there quickly, like
O Carroll
Cian Boland

And then after that we need guys to come through, McGibb, Burke, Hayes, Crummy §, Curry, Burke (vins), Conroy maybe and more (Hetherton maybe)

But it is the progress of the second two groups that will tell the story of next year I think.


Paddy Smyth too, serious potential there imo


Yes agree. I couldn’t help thinking this season, what is this guy going to be like at age 26/27.
We have all the potential to win an All Ireland, just need more of the same brilliant direction Gilroy gave us last year.


Very true, I had forgotten him. He is very good for his age. He would’ve been u21 again next year I think (if it existed)


Just on hurling stuff in general. The Trinity GAA twitter account is hilarious, especially the match reporting. Worth a follow during college hurling season. Sample tweet below

‘We’re not really keeping score from our warm perch here in Santry… we think DCU are winning purely by the amount of time the ball has been down the far end of the pitch’


Yeah, I’ve seen it. V funny. Wexford have a real comedian running their account too. There was priceless stuff being tweeted during their Kilkenny games last year.


Of course it goes without saying that none are a patch on our own Dub Match Tracker!!