Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Should see his linkedin profile


I’m not sure it’s that quiet :grinning:.

I am sure he is a sound guy, but the tweets always grate a bit with me to be honest.


He has been there since Daly’s time, 6/7 years I’m nearly certain


Yea, his name seems very familiar


Ray Boyne was only with Hurlers last year as mentioned previously. Prior to that he had been with the footballers since Pillar Caffrey’s time in charge. Only year he hadn’t up to this years was 2014. He also worked with Dublin Ladies 2014-2016



Im getting him mixed up with someone else.


Back when Mayo warmed up in front of the hill in 06 was it not him who assaulted the Mayo physio?


Has been/was with footballers for years.
He was only with the hurlers last year!!


Hence the tweet being a little OTT. I am sure he is very good at gathering the statistics, but it’s not like he trained the team…


Jaysus No. That Mayo girl ( dietician) I think was hit by a stray ball.


Kenny met the players on Friday, said this is not a transition year, which is a sensible approach


I see from the Irish Times today that Pat Gilroy will be spending most of his time in Kenya in 2019. Something that came up with work but was unforeseen, and left him with no option but to move away from the hurlers.



From that Irish Times interview
‘When we met he made clear that this isn’t a transition period, we’re going to build on what happened last year. I can’t speak of the style of play, but it will be the same motto of hard working, tackling that we carry forward into next year.”

That is great to hear. My big fear was that any new management would try to buy themselves time by saying they need to transition things. I am delighted this is being seen as a continuation, not a new start. It has to be like that really because of the last four years, we couldn’t have another re-start.


totally Agree Wifi, i’d say the players would be frustrated if they thought someone was going to experiment again as much next year. Pat has already done a lot of the heavy lifting in that respect, and rightfully so, but we really need ot kick on now. Having said they i’m sure Kenny will keep the panel open to lads in form. That young Paul Ryan is playing well i hear.


Oh FFS, that “death in the family” hyperbole clichee nonsense yet again, some of the shite that sports people come out with on a regular basis to grandiose every bloody change or loss. He was there for a year ffs!! It’s an absolute insult to real bereavement.


So you’re going to react to his hyperbole with your own hyperbole? :yum:


Mine is rare and at the end of a very long tether. And it was about a sacred cow, Sports people going way ott about every change of coach etc.
Death in the fookin family me hole


O’Donnell also quoted as,
“Mattie would have been first choice among the players”

So they players have their first choice. The team has a manager that applied twice for a job so has clear desire.
On the back of a huge amount of ground work last year and Mattie already disregarding the “transition” period.
Early noises are certainly positive from the camp