Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Big surprise . Gilroy has mentioned in an interview post June that he was looking forward to year two and leaving no stone unturned

There may be more to it but I’d imagine work is the main reason for him going as he’s a busy man. You have to take someone like him to his word at this point


It’s up to Giller to disclose The Why if and when he chooses. Let’s not speculate on this. It’s his business.
PS…Thanks Pat


It’s time for Bart to step up!!!

Real shame about Giller, had high hopes for 2019


Says he has a lot more overseas travel involved with his job now. Probably only came up in the last few months I’d say


Terrible shame as thought he was putting us on right track. Hope Co. Board move swiftly on this. Cant afford a long drawn out process or to lose momentum gained this year.


I’d presume he’s taking the job


That’s what I’m kinda thinking now. Would probably lessen upheaval within the squad


Cunningham will take the job now.


Ah shite.


Cunningham surely most likely to take over if they want to retain any continuity.

Optimism for next year gone from 7 to 3.


Really disappointed to hear this. He really was starting to turn things around.


Likely Cunningham will take/get it on basis of continuity. More upheaval and uncertainty. Exactly what we needed …Club matches next week might have more bite now for players and managers.


Based on the CB press release, you’d think Cunningham is gone too.
“The committee will commence the process of considering suitable candidates to replace Pat and his management team shortly.”


Cunningham & gilroy made sense, not sure Cunningham on his own makes sense. Quick move for Kenny for me.


I’ll take me hat off to Kenny if he takes that job after already been passed over for it. Remains to be seen I suppose.


Bugger that anyway.

Would it be worth going back to Daly I wonder

Kenny makes sense whether he’d take it this time around is another thing


To ask him for Davy Fitz phone number? :joy:


Suppose the Derek Mc Grath rumour can start again


If that happens I give up.


Cunningham, Kenny, daly and maybe Joe Fortune. they the kind of names you d be thinking