Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Hard to see how he’d manage both if Crokes are still hurling after Christmas.


That’s what I said also! But he seemed to think if he was prepared to travel 6 days a week it would/could work! My big concern would be burnout on Daly’s behalf. Of course a good successful manager will alway delegate!


Do we want someone juggling two jobs though? Kenny should not be overlooked this time around in my view. Would be hard to justify from the DCB not giving him the job if he wants it


We had somone more than juggling 2 jobs last year. It’s looks almost certain to be Daly at this stage although a Boden win on Sunday would help Dublin’s cause as I think managing Dublin alone is enough. Kenny won’t get the job for the same reasons he didn’t get it last year.


I would Love to know why the 2 time all Ireland winning manager didn’t get the job


I’d love to know these reasons


Perhaps my friend’s theory about the Kenny/Cunningham/Daly menage was close to the truth.

If Daly does get the job and Cunningham stays as coach it raises other questions, and as someone else said goes back to why he didn’t get it last year, Cuala apart. Having said that, it would be a pity if he doesn’t become involved with county team given his successes with Cuala and with Galway underage.

Not sure if going back to Daly is good thing, if it happens. I like him and there is no doubt that he brought the county team on in leaps and bounds, not even just in winning league and Leinster but in hugely increasing their profile. His book is interesting in that he admits he was sometimes too cautious so be interesting to see if he brings a new more aggressive attacking approach, not unlike Crokes indeed, if he does return.


Great piece in the Sindo from Dermot Crowe on the tragic death of Paul Melhere and the scholarship that was set up in his name.


Crowe is one of the few GAA journalists worth reading. It’s a pity who signs his pay cheque.


Looks like another week at least before new manager in place after the result today


Donal O Grady in pictures at game today. I wonder …



my own choice would be Anthony Cunningham

continuity be[quote=“pp2017, post:780, topic:3866, full:true”]
Donal O Grady in pictures at game today. I wonder …


Could do a lot worse than Donal O Grady! But probably could do a bit better as well!


Awfully sad

Never heard of this until today


That’s terrible


Mentioned on another thread during the week. Tragic accident, don’t like indo, but, well written piece.


I think that is a thing that is under estimated - peoples ability to learn from their mistakes. I would disagree with Daly actually though, I don’t think he was over cautious, I just think at the time we didn’t have the amount of top quality that we have now. We had 15 to 17 very good, but outside of that I am not so sure. My main criticism of Daly really was the time when he wasn’t cautious enough and he made too many substitutions against Antrim. In his book Daly laments the day he left Keaney on against Galway when Keaney was going badly. To be honest, Keaney would have to have lost a leg before I would take him off, and even then I would think about it.

But that draw in the final will probably cost us more time on an announcement. We will be four or five weeks away from the first games of the season and we won’t have a manager. In a game where every small thing makes a difference, this is a huge thing. Why is there a delay? For the life of me I can’t see why the championship effects this. If it’s Daly or Fortune, what does it matter if it’s announced now?


[quote=“Wifi, post:786, topic:3866”] Why is there a delay? For the life of me I can’t see why the championship effects this. If it’s Daly or Fortune, what does it matter if it’s announced now?

Makes no sense to me, i suspect it’s more down to JC’s holiday than needing the SHC concluded.


Hard to see how Mellett didn’t make the u21s starting 15 this summer, guy seems to have pace to burn and and eye for a goal, unlucky to hit the crossbar yesterday.


John Costello was in Parnell Park yesterday, suited and booted.

I can rule out a supposed front runner, to put a cat amongst the pigeons :wink:
Interesting that Sean Shanley drew reference to the vacant position in his pre match notes in the programme.