Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


With the DCB we can’t assume anything! :slight_smile:


Hopefully he is a Wristy lad that can play in 15 positions at the one time!


Our new Senior Inter County Hurling team newsletter?




Iomaint I think we need to be invited into the Circle of Trust before we are privy to such secrets! :grinning:


Is this the cabal that Bart spoke of?


On a serious note is he alive?


Good post, but it sort of highlights the lack of sophistication in hurling tactics - the only options seem to be sweeper or no sweeper really. I think there are lots of other options for getting cover in defence. Midfielders can sit deeper, or come deep on long puckouts and go man to man the rest of the time. Or you can just have a +1 system like is common in football now. The amount of times you see two teams playing a sweeper, meaning both teams in effect two sweepers is ridiculous. We played Waterford in a league game under Daly once and the game became a shooting (unopposed) from the half way line competition because there were 2 spare defenders on each team.

There appears to be only way now to play the ball forward, that is ‘through the lines’. It is a good way, and it works, but everyone does it. I can’t help thinking the game is open to some paradigm shifting tactical set ups. Even last year when the Rushe thing at FF was working, and it didn’t always, we wasted loads of ball playing it into him to run onto, but a Dublin player was taking up the space he needed to get onto the ball. When the ball is being played in, it needs as far as possible to be set plays like basketball or American football, where everyone knows where to run and when to run. And everyone is making space, apart from the guy who is getting the ball. Galway on their day seem to be able to do this, but everyone else is prepared to turnover loads of ball in the expectation that the other team will also turn over loads of ball.

In terms of management, I don’t think anyone of them will make hugely innovative changes. What is important is that we get a manager who can make them very fit and very strong so they can maintain the intensity over 75 minutes. When we are intense and pressing we are the team that played the first 20 minutes against Tipp in the league QF When we aren’t intense, we are the team that played the other 50+ minutes against Tipp that day.

I think if we can bring huge intensity, we don’t need sweepers. On their day I think our full back line would kill you rather then concede a goal. Even in games we were being hammered in last year we conceded very few goals. Where we do need a sweeper is if we are man marking a forward so messing up the defensive shape to do that, then we need an extra defender to cover for the main marker.

I don’t know what Kenny will bring as a manager, so for me he is the highest risk option. I don’t see anything different about Cuala other then they are very very good. If that is down to the manager or not I don’t know. Cunningham will bring know-how on how to run an intercounty set up and more importantly knowledge of last years experiments so we don’t need to re-invent the wheel. If it’s not Cunningham we lose another year, that will be five years of ‘transition’ and that is a big risk. Daly will bring know how and passion. He is also I would imagine a very charismatic and genuine guy in a dressing room (not to say the other two aren’t, just he appears to be really comfortable in that situation).

So I don’t know if there is a right or wrong choice here, there is just choice and none of them are bad choices.

But we are close enough now that every small thing matters. Losing a month or six weeks of preparation as we appear to be doing now, is no small thing. Guys should be on gym programmes and being monitored etc. So for the life of me I don’t understand why the new guy isn’t in place. The SHC has nothing to do with it, if a manager is involved with a club he can still be involved as long as the club is - it has been done loads of times. Maybe, the decision is made and work is going on in the background, but if not, this delay is nearly criminal.


The best tactic in hurling is to be a very good hurler. The rest of it matters little.


Interesting concept in this day and age :blush:


I think part of the issue might be that if there is even a slight chance of Daly getting the job. The last thing Anthony Daly needs is a distraction in the Crokes dressing room in the lead up to the County final! Perhaps the DCB are keeping their opinions open and don’t want to eliminate anyone one from the frame just yet! If Crokes win County final then that probably rules him out! Boden win and the process might drag on!


Yes, it does sort of a indicate that it’s not Kenny as they still haven’t made the announcement.

I am not sure it should rule Daly out though if Crokes win. It shouldn’t be that hard to manage two teams for a while, Daly is nearly a professional manager I think, so should have the time.


Lads, Mattie is barely a week finished with Cuala. Give him a chance to take a sh*t!
Maybe he’s negotiating?
Maybe he’s discussing the commitment with his family?
I can absolutely guarantee you, even if contact was made, it wouldn’t have been until Wed/Thurs to give him a few days and a meeting was scheduled thereafter to discuss terms…

Or maybe he took a week off after so long on the road.


Or perhaps the selection committee are mulling over whether they should offer Anthony Cunningham the job!


I’ve heard that John Costello was away for a while and that’s what the delay is over. Not saying that makes any difference to each candidates’ chances. Just saying DCB probably want all the stakeholders in the room when they make their choice OR they want JC around for the negotiations bit.


Or to make the decision !!!


I’ll say nothing


That’s the most logical explanation I have heard. Any reason surrounding the Dublin championship doesn’t make sense. Guys aren’t locked away in a cell for the duration of the championship, they can still discuss the Dublin management position at the same time.

But time is wasting, if getting the various stake holders in the room at the same time is the issue, then I suggest they make a bit of an effort to do it.



That a fair enough point I would have thought, surely Lambert is in the top 70 in Dublin. Definitely what I have seen of him this year he is.


Simon has a point to prove to the next Dublin manager who ever that may be! And where better to lay down a marker than this Sunday in county final!