Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I think unless any of us were sitting in the dressing room in Galway it is impossible to know exactly what happened. Even with good information, it will be second hand and any nuances will be left out of it. Cunningham has been involved with a shed load of teams, and only one team has come out with issues against him. It was also a team that he had improved, bought close to winning something and then fallen just short. History tells us that this is the type of team who then go on to blame the manager (Mayo with Holmes and Connolly and Waterford with Justin McCarthy). If you fall just short of something it is easier to blame someone else as you can always point to the bus that was late or the wrong substitution or something that led to those inches being lost. It is not so easy to say maybe you are just that little bit short of being good enough.

Maybe they were right too, but I think we need more then one incident to form a judgement. If we had these stories, and Galway had declined dramatically under Cunningham it would have more meaning, but they had actually improved a good bit under him.


That’s the thing, i wouldn’t take these stories as gospel by any means. Generally you only get one side of the story in the media/rumour mill and every dispute has an alternative opinion.


And that’s what I was getting at.

I felt he went in and out of games throughout the year and wasn’t consistent but hopefully the year back will make him settle and become the player he was a few years ago but he’s a marked man now and teams know if they stop him and Keaney they won’t be far off beating us.


Wrong, 100%


Agree he’ll be marked man in 2019. But we’ll know have three very strong forwards in Keaney, Rushe and Sutcliffe for oppositions to worry about, you then tie in the youth coming through it bodes well…


I do think though Sutcliffe is being compared to some golden period he had that I am not sure ever happened. He was brilliant, at times, in 2013, but he never actually ran a whole game. If you look at the Leinster final that year or the Kilkenny games, Keaney was more to the fore. Sutcliffe was really good but in or about the same as he was this year. It’s commonly thought that 2014 wasn’t such a good year for him, but I never really agreed with that - I thought his QF display that year against Waterford was one of his best ever.

I think the guy is absolutely brilliant, but I think sometimes he is treated a bit unfairly as he is told he isn’t as good as such and such a time. My view is he wasn’t as unbelievable as people remember and he is better now then people seem to think. No player is fabulous all the time, but for me he is plenty good enough. He scored a point for Judes the other week that I don’t think anyone else in the country would have scored.

Age wise he should be just coming into his prime now. but even if he stays at the same level he is an unbelievable talent. Even his ability to block a guy, even though he might be a few feet away is unreal.


Do we genuinely think Rushe is a very strong county forward ???


We’ll agree to disagree then


Ah i dunno about that. I see the point your making but in 2013/14 Sutcliffe was on a different level altogether in my opinion. The performances against KK you cannot say he wasnt our main man.The 4 points from play beating KK in the league in 2013, 1-05 from play off Tommy Walsh, the goal v KK in the second half of the leinster semi final replay in 2013 that was the game changer that seen us beat KK in championship and put us into that leinster final. Im not sure what constitutes running a game, but sometimes forwards only get a few balls in a match and the great ones will maximise the return, make something from nothing. Thats what Danny was doing back then. He also picked up an all-star for his 2013 efforts.


His club performances in 2014 or his u21 club in 2012 at centre back arguanby surpassed anything else to date


Actually didnt Judes push Crokes to extra time in the 2013 final was it? He was instrumental in that too


That was 2014. Beaten by 4 aet…

He scored at least 3 points every round that year


Yes that’s why I said it.


Ok we’ll beg to totally differ…


Grand so.


Did he not get 2-4 off Tommy Walsh that day! If that’s the day we clocked up 6-15 away to Kilkenny and still lost? But either way I take your point!


I agree with all of that. But my point is that for me he was as good last year as any other year. You mention 2014 above, at the time there were lots on here saying he had a poor 2014, I never really saw that.

His second half against Galway in the championship this year was probably the best I ever saw him. And he was taking awful punishment that day and getting little protection.

He could maybe improve his shooting s little, but if he tidied that up he could be the best in the country, or at least the best half forward.


It seems that its a 3 horse race between Kenny Daly and Cunningham. That being the case! What can we expect from the different styles that the 3 guys would bring to the table? For what its worth I see it as this:

Daly: We can expect a sweeper system with a two man full forward line. Balls played high and long to the inside men. But a very tight solid defence.
Kenny: Would probably play a sweeper but as we have seen with Cuala the ball is worked out of defence slowly but effectively.
Cunningham: Probably a more conventional 15 on 15. with each player responsible for taking care of his own marker.
With the Daly system we might see Liam Rushe dropping back into his more natural defensive position. Kenny might be inclined to use him in midfield or centre forward. Cunningham most likely will stick with him at full forward.
This is just my own take on it and I have only taken the position of Rushe into account. With Moran Rushe and Barrett policing the half backline there is a chance we might see Chris Crummy tried in the forwards during the league. One way or another these are interesting times ahead.


Great post, but it’s not a 3 horse race!


Only 1!!