Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


In terms of experience and managing winning teams he would be ahead of the other two having taken Galway to multiple All Ireland finals, won an U21 All Ireland and taken teams to All Ireland club football finals. He may or may not be the best man for the job, but he probably has the best CV. So for me he is a very credible candidate. I don’t think he can be defined forever by the issue with the Galway hurlers, he did send them out with a five point lead in the second half of an All Ireland final, at which point it should have been up to the players to finish the job, not the manager.


He should have got the job 12 months ago as I made clear at the time but let’s be honest pat Gilroy put in a lot of system that will help the next manager going forward have to give credit where it is due .


Kenny is definitely deserving of a good look when they pick, but I am not so sure he is the stand out candidate for the job. He has had success with a very good Cuala side, but outside of that he hasn’t a huge amount of experience at senior level management.

I am not saying it shouldn’t be him. I think from outside it is impossible to pick unless you were there at the interview stages, but I wouldn’t have him as a shoe-in for the job. Of the other two candidates, Daly is Daly and did a very good job before (a job that was maybe put in a better perspective when we saw the mess the next guy made of it) and Cunningham has a huge amount of management experience and knows the current set up.

I really have no preference, they are all good. I do think Kenny is the most risky one though because we don’t know if he can manage a big county set up. I am sure he can, but it hasn’t been proven yet.


It was a no brainer this time last year and is even more so this year now that Cuala are out of the championship. That doesn’t mean our County Board are going to do the right thing.

Pat Gilroy did a good job overall but it took a long time for the team to get going last year. The league was a painful experience. Unavailable players was a big issue outside his control.

Nothing against Pat but Kenny should have got the job last year.


And the Walsh Cup was horrible, and I was a very worried man in April. But we didn’t pick a manager to win us the Walsh Cup. When we were leading Kilkenny with 5 minutes left in the championship all the previous months showed their worth. It is impossible to know, but I don’t think too many other managers would have bought them as far as they came in the time there was.

There is an alternate scenario to what might have happened last year, and I think it is a likely one. Whatever manager ended up with it, doesn’t bring Keaney back, doesn’t play Rushe in the forwards. Instead of Keaney at 11, we have someone like McMorrow. We play nice hurling in the league and beat Antrim and Offaly by 10 points. We move onto championship and lose all our games by a minimum of seven or eight points, most of them over midway through the second half Maybe Sutcliffe sneaks a goal in the last 10 minutes of a game and we close the gap to four or five. It’s not horrible, and we kid ourselves it is ‘transition’, but in reality it is where we would be at unless we get another Keaney or Sutcliffe type superstar to move us up a level. I suspect that is what would have transpired under any other manager who doesn’t know how to bring real change. That’s not really a criticism of anyone, Gilroy is exceptional at that. But my fear is that it will be where we go back to next year.

Unfortunately if it happens, Dublin being Dublin we will say it is because we haven’t the hurlers. But that won’t be strictly true.


Also worth noting, injuries, Cuala lads missing, going into Cup & League was very must about rebuilding, results in championship made a lot of other counties take notice going into this year.
If the continuity from this year can be kept by Pats replacement I can see only good thinks for 2019…


Has the ability of the Cuala team made his job easy/easier, sure they have a lot of talent but i think it’s fair to say every one of their players has improved on their potential in the time he has been there. which is not always the case and i think is a real testament to his ability as a manager & his coaching team. He also gets the best out of them generally.

We’ve had very talented Dublin teams in the past fall short outside Dublin, or even teams in Dublin who on paper should be contenders falling short of the sum of their parts. Cuala’s conditioning is very good as well as their teamwork. Not many people have won back to back all irelands, i know club doesn’t always translate to county but i think he’s the stand out candidate of the three - which are all good candidates to be fair.

Daly has Crokes well organised and their attitude/hunger won them the game v Cuala, although having said that Cuala very nearly pulled them back at the end but for a brilliant save. Thing is with Daly the good years were brilliant and record breaking and we’ll always owe him a few pints for what he did but the bad years were very poor, felt we relied on work rate quite a lot which is hard to sustain. now maybe the team was such that we had to go down that route. Good manager and a very likeable guy.

Cunningham has a good track record overall i just have a nagging doubt about the way things ended with Galway, but then galway do have a record of being tricksy enough, but it still sits uneasily with me. I know a few on here don’t rate his game management too highly. Whether that’s fair or now is open to debate i guess.


I’d be very hopeful for 2019 as well, no matter which of the three got the job.


We can’t keep comparing Danny of a few years ago to Danny of now though.
Let’s be honest he did ok last year and showed glimpses of what he can do but that was it. He also didnt set the club championship a light and played all his hurling in a two man full forward line.
Hopefully he can get back to where he was because he’s needed.


Let’s not forget Cuala were bossed around by Oulart in the 2015 Leinster final. There were no such issues in 2016. Whatever deficits in conditioning that existed in 2015 were gone by 2016. Credit for that improvement has to go to Kenny. They blitzed everyone in Leinster in 2016 in a way that was hugely impressive.


I thought at times last year he was better then he ever was. I am thinking particularly of the Limerick league game, Offaly championship game and most of all the Galway championship game. There were a few times where I couldn’t believe what I had seen.

He is only one guy, he can’t play teams on his own. But I saw him do stuff last year that no one else in the country was doing.


Genuine class act!


And will be better next year again… The most focused player I have ever met and a savage clubman also. Not many other 26 year old intercounty lads woikd be bothered managing the clubs u21s


All good points. To be honest I am not sure where my slight bias against Kenny comes from. I am sure he would do a fine job.

Possibly I am thinking a good manager will put us at the level we are capable of being at, on my view that is being competitive in all games within the top eight. But someone with a slight tinge of madness / mad ambition could push on for more.

A second or third Gilroy year could have both got us to the latter stages of the championship and with the right draw you never know. In my head I have Kenny pegged as a knowledgeable guy who will make sure we are well drilled and professional. But I fear that just maybe a Dublin team that isnt operating at huge intensity becomes very ordinary.


I hear what you’re saying on the intensity front we’ve seen in the past where we’ve done the underdog thing well at times and hit teams hard and been hard to beat etc but when it blows up/falls flat the wheels have come off big time. Think we need to try and move on from that and build a more consistent structure where we take teams on and really go for it with a solid game plan.

Think We have a bones of a very good defence, midfield needs a bit of work but there’s options now (McBride & O’Connell could be as good a midfield as any). It’s the forwards were we need a manager with a record of getting the right balance and bringing lads through to fulfill their potential. There’s quite a bit of promise there from club and underage county teams but they need to be nurtured/developed.

Slight concern is that Con is a wrecking ball at club level and obviously he is not present for the county, so, the same plan isn’t going to work necessarily.


Good point. There’s no doubting Gilroy has the balls to make change and suffer in the short term for the long term project.


He’s matured a lot as a player, plus he was only back himself from States, and you can’t just jump straight into training at IC level. Think we’ll see more from Danny this coming year.


I keep reading this here and i have to laugh. People are easily sidetracked. Remember, it was Kenny who got the bullet first from that set up. Very few players were happy with him at senior level. That Cunningham galway team should, without doubt, won an all ireland, especially the one where they led comfortably at half time. The players blew it on the field of play and Cunningham was made a scapegoat. He would be miles ahead of Kenny, in my view. And Daly would be ahead of both of them. With that said, i hope the county shows real leadership, stays true to the ethos of the game, stays away from money grabbing mercenary managers and gives it to a Dublin man.


I know Kenny was part of the galway setup as well. I think we all realise that the galway players are/were an awkward bunch, but cunningham was the head man and there’s stories you hear that wouldn’t fill you with confidence - but he may have learned from them. Also the way he tried to hang on made little sense towards the end. Like i say it’s just a nagging doubt not writing his reputation off completely or anything.

What Dubliner would you like to see take the role?


Kenny was shafted by Anthony C so he could extend his management term… The players who Kenny had issues with did not by and large contribute to the 2017 all Ireland win