Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Very possibly, although the only one that would add materially to the team from last year imo is O Connell.

I would like to see how Cronin would fair out though.


From todays Indo!
“The management committee have been granted the authority by the county committee to anoint Pat Gilroy’s successor themselves”
Pope’s blessing next!


Indo (I know!!) saying it’s between Kenny, Daly and Cunningham

With Kenny the front runner by far from the looks of it


I though Kenny, Cunningham was tipped for the Pat’s job?


Yes. Pat Gilroys


Pretty strong 3 to be fair, could all do a good job.


Championship draw made. Dates look good to us


Are you going to share the info? Otherwise we might think your part of selection committee for new hurling manager and just keep us in dark! :grinning:


They must be really trying to convince daly otherwise why wait? Why not just choose between kenny and cunningham now


I got the job…

Kilkenny away May 11/12
Wexford hone May 18/19
Carliw away June 2
Galway home June 16

2 week break before Galway match could be massive especially as they have Kilkenny the week before


This is sort of a weird paragraph from that article posted above
‘However, despite intending to keep Gilroy’s backroom team in tact and thus offer continuity, the Herald understands that members of that management group have opted not to put their names forward with Cunningham in any new setup.’

Despite who intending to keep Gilroy’s backroom team intact?


I would think Cunningham wanted to be able to offer that as he has SFA other credibility


AH now, that’s harsh.


Is feidir… but not wrong


Can’t see how that could have gone better for us other than having all home games.


Same fixtures as last year just switching the venue … target wexford and Carlow wins should see us through and anything else is a bonus


Be surprised if Cronin joined panel. I think really its his education that prevents him (medical student). Although that hasn’t stopped others! I’m sure Mattie would have a word if he got the job.


I can give you 60,000 reasons why he won’t go for it


Whos your call on who gets the job boss


Kenny is the best man for the job and should’ve got it 12 months ago so hopefully he gets it but that all depends if he wants it