Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Looks like betting suspended on county manager.

Fait accompli.

McGregor it is :grinning:


Plunketts did same on Friday night …


Warm up of champions so


Mattie has it in the bag


It was good game.


I have an issue with this actually, vinnies were shooting frees into a goals where there was 30 players running and jogging behind, must be a bit distracting?! I am not sure it should be permitted


Someone asked about mellet earlier, he was on Dublin u21s this year. Who if they’d got going had loads of potential.


Thought the way Daly and Kenny where chatting after the game was interesting, didn’t look like the generic after game handshake, seemed like there was a deep conversation and more so from Daly’s side.

Saw Anthony Cunningham leaving the game also and was still driving his Dublin sponsored car so doesn’t seem to be out of the running for the role.


Can’t see how Daly would be involved other than as consigliore role and someone who gets on with the lads who played under him.

I would like to see Cunningham stay involved on coaching side. Much of the on pitch improvement in summer has to come down to that rather than overall management technique. They were well coached and physically prepared for the championship, and would be great if that was kept as default zone.


He has to get some credit for the performances this summer, but, if it is mattie kenny then he wont be involved. Cuala are in great shape as well, especially for a club side.


True, but presumably his successor there will come from within that group? He will hardly take them all over. nor would that necessarily be a good thing.

Was tempted to compile a 1 - 15 plus subs from the semi finals, along with obvious lads like Rushie and Suthcliffe and Nolan, We certainly have the bones from one to 15 with good bench for a team that could compete with top 4/5 and beat any of them on a going day.

If Kenny and his sideline can sort out all the remaining hangovers I would be very optimistic about the future.


If Kenny was to get it would he be bringing his Cuala back room team en-masse?? I know ex Dublin Ladies Footballer Cliondha O Connor and current Dublin Ladies Stats man Seaghan Kearney are involved with him with Cuala… Others I would imagine are Cuala people wouldn’t be 100% sure…


Hearing a few of those names plus a man from OPER (not Kearney.)


So you’re hearing it’s Kenny?

In terms of young lads coming through, Mellet was impressive with 1.3 v Vins, and O’Lfynn is only out of minor but seems well able for Dublin SHC physically.


From a players perspective I’d imagine 8 Cuala players would join the panel immediately

Cian o Callaghan, Gough, Moran, o Connell Malone, d Treacy, Cronin and m schutte (likely ) Sean Treacy night get added also though he wasn’t great on Sunday






Sorry, it’s not for internet discussion forums!


The hurling job?


He just has to finish up with The Underdogs first