Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


You’d miss the ould corporal punishment for working off the stress … :grinning:


@OldSchool2 is this the way he behaved in the classroom?


Old school, surely you’d be up for the return of the leather…being old school?
( sorry…scurrying off to get coat!)


No, Al is sound and is well liked.

Moving on…

I heard Daly wants back in, Maybe its who doesn’t win the SHC will get it.




No, that’s shreeks.


Fixed that for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Today’s result might have a big say. As said if Cuala win Dublin again - almost a certainty if they beat Crokes - then it is hard to see Kenny being given the Dublin job which will have to be sorted before Christmas and with Cuala playing into the inter county league campaign, Just can’t see the two being compatible for either side.

On other hand, I would doubt very much that Daly be back if Crokes go out. Relative lack of ongoing speculation can indicate one of two things: (a) that DCB has a definite plan or, (b) that it does not :grinning


Let’s offer the job to Mattie now and move on if he doesn’t want it so be it but has to have first refusal now I think


Actually todays result has a big say not only in choice of manager but more importantly will have all the Cuala lads fresh to get on the panel rather than just after Paddy’s day


Thought cualas warn up today was very impressive, Crokes looked old school by comparison. Then Crokes started on fire and that theory went out the window :grimacing::roll_eyes::joy:


If you take yesterday as a battle of the managers, then Daly won it. Now it’s not that simple of course, Cuala have a lot of hard miles under their belt and were going to be beaten some time. But Crokes did win, and I would contend they did it with a team that man for man isn’t quiet as good as the Cuala team. So there has to be some indication there that Daly did very well. I am warming to the idea of him coming back to Dublin. I must say, we do need someone a bit charismatic. It’s a big job in terms of media profile, and not easy to do.

The other thing I took from yesterday is that with the exception of O Connell and Con O C, the lads Dublin had from Cuala last year were the main ones to have. There are other guys there worth a shot, but there are no game changers among them. That Flynn young lad might be the one we need most.

Hedgo for Vincents has been one of the best players in the championship this year and definitely deserves a prolonged shot at county. Although he needs to trim down a bit. Burke for Vincents looks good too, but he seemed slow at u21 last year, so he would need to work on that.

Crokes have a few that will step up to county. Although this might be hampered if they win Dublin and Leinster. I am not sure if Ballyboden have anyone new, it seemed to be the old stagers mainly who pulled them through. McMorrow could well make a comeback, but he is high risk. We can’t do the big pressing game we were doing last year as well with him taking up a central position. I thought Gilroy was harsh last year in calling him ashore at ht in the Limerick league game, but in hindsight, he just hadn’t the power to stop his man going through the centre.


There’s not a huge amount between them the last few years, I thought Crokes had a great attitude right from the start, something you’d expect from a Daly team when underdogs. Savage work rate, Seemed well drilled and had a good physical edge to their game. The two o’carrols, rod & Corcoran all big strong men with loads of experience. Cuala could do with the break, still a very good team and could have snatched it. Will be very interesting to see how Crokes do in Leinster now. Have some good forwards. Conway was with Dublin before, was he this year? Did some good work around the place.


So they’ve beaten Boden already???


Yes,it’s going to be a slaughterhouse!!


I was referring back to another “slaughterhouse” comment when the the “victims” lost by a point and to be honest were robbed blind!


Apologies, I thought it was a response to my post.


Cuala have been doin that for any game they’re on 2nd in the nell. Down behind bottom goal.
To my knowledge only themselves and Craobh do it, Craobh using the all weather at their clubhouse


Would argue that Cronin should have been targeted and developed into a holding midfield player 4 seasons ago. Savage man to break the tackle and with the right coaches could have been a serious operator at county level. Missed last two seasons with Dublin and it showed yesterday. Still young enough to consider, but must get himself involved asap.


Ha sorry yea, half asleep today, boozy weekend in Dublin. Will be interesting to see how boden or crokes do in Leinster.