Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Club form will count for a lot i’d say, especially for the more fringe panel members. See Alex quinn scores 2-2 yesterday. Hope he’s available next year, think he’d add to our FFs


Was he tried at midfield under Cunningham?


THats the twin brother Ben. Alex is a forward.


Both have something to offer though I think someone pointed out last year that their respective work situations meant they couldn’t commit to the county panel. Hopefully, circumstances will allow them next year.


Yeh Ben actually had a pretty good year last year under Cunningham which was almost impossible to do.


Thought he adapted to county level well. alex has pace and is a scoring forward, we don’t have much of either. Had heard it was work and evening college which was making it impossible logistically, so if circumstances change they might be able to give it a shot.


Also, not to detract from how Crumlin have developed the Quinns, they grew up playing their hurling with Good Counsel. The more clubs we have producing good players, the better it will be for county teams at all levels.


Any truth in the rumour Gilroy is going ?




Cunningham Mark 2 anyone?


Da fuk? No way it’s work commitments. Anyone know what the deal is?


I was clear from the start I felt he was the wrong choice as manager but he brought believe back to the panel along with pride for the jersey the next manager will have a lot to thank Pat Gilroy for


Holy jaysis. The least him and Shanley owe us is the truth. He had work commitments when he took the job. Treating us like eejits the pair of them. What a load of b0llocks


Heard that this morning but nothing definite so thought best to hold off.
Whatever way you spin it, it’s major set back.


Board wanted to move him upstairs as director of hurling and have Jim Gavin double up.


I heard their auld lad was a Monica’s man? They played a few years with Kevin’s prior to joining Crumlin. It was a joint Team with Counsel and they got to a couple of county B finals.


Surely Matty Kenny now?


What’s the deal with this?


Overseas work commitments in Africa apparently


Presume Anthony Cunningham is gone now as well then ?