Dublin Senior Hurling 2019



So the 2019 season starts in 2018. Is it any wonder a number of inter county players are fed up and walking away.


I don’t think it has to be approved really. What they measure is the gap between when you finished the championship and when you start again, and we finished before Kilkenny and Wexford etc. so we can go back sooner.

I don’t thing it’s a terrible thing, they are going to be training anyway, and from a selfish point of view, December tends to be warmer then January for going to matches.


I think its great , a couple of matches in December to warm the blood.


It only means players and management will give less of a shite about this competition and use it as training matches. Years back it was worth something winning this as it set down a marker for the rest of the year. Now its organised challenge matches on heavy ground.


Jaysus only if you are the likes of Kildare …


Is a flat of disgrace playing in December


Players have families, girlfriends, wives. Could they not be left alone for a couple of eeeks at Christmas? This is lunacy.


Did they see a mouse?


Is that not more Halloween? :jack_o_lantern:


The 9th is not Christmas.


Players are amateurs and need to eeek out a living.


Lads, I know all this, 2 matches in December, sure they would probably do more than that in the gym or training.

If it gives them a longer break over the Christmas period into January then, not sure it does,

As a fan, to have a couple of games in December, down the Nell, its something unique.


No shit Sherlock.

Do you need everything explained to you?

The problem with filling out teams for the Blue Stars is that while you might want to watch a game they’re not too keen on playing pointless matches in the middle of winter.


I do if your not clear in your replies Al.

Who’s to day that these games can be used for trials for fringe players, etc. I do understand though lads and management need a break.

But I forgive your rudeness as you got me a B in pass History and a A is pass geography many years ago now.


We won’t ask how the English went :sunglasses: !!


Teachers doing exams for students?




All together now…got it bad, got it bad, got it bad… :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:


Point taken. More harsh than I intended to be.