Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Has to be someone in the county if they’re going to wait that long.


What the what now.


I reckon a lot will become clear after this weekend, its Kenny’s if he is willing to leave cuala I reckon


Yeah, I didn’t know that. That is a lot sooner then I thought.

It is probably why we are in the group stage and Kilkenny, Wex, Galway etc. aren’t. They went longer in the championship so theoretically wouldn’t be allowed back to training so early.


Crazy starting it in december.


If it was going to be Anthony Cunningham you would think they could just do it now. So based on what is known, it would appear it won’t be him. But there is a whole lot unknown, maybe Cunningham has commitments himself before that. Maybe Daly is in the picture…

But from the scant information, I would think Kenny is the one they are looking at.


What happens if cuala win the county title and have another tilt at Leinster/all ireland club. Let him double job or wait until paddys day ?


If he was on for it I’d let him double job. Might not want to take the focus off cuala though.


Didn’t Anthony Cunningham do that when he was taking over Galway. I think he was still over a football team that went far in the club championship…


Think he did yea


Just came from collecting equipment from Parnell Park. Ger Cunningham, Humphrey Kelleher, John Bailey and Tommy Lyons all down there have a meeting with Sean Shanley. So that could be the winning ticket


What kind of equipment? Was it a sh1t stirring kit? :laughing:


A mmk (merde mixing kit)


Happy Christmas if you’re an inter county player.
You really would wonder about GAA fixtures makers at times.


Dublin should be an attractive prospect. Someone will probably be coming in on a 3 year run with essentially year 1 already done by another guy. New blood has been brought in to create a new panel thats a nice balance of experience and lads ready to develop.

MK would be nuts not to take the job.


Jesus that’s very early, what happened to GAA ethos of nothing goes on in December ???


If they overlooked Kenny again I’d say he might not take it in the future.


What a joke! Thats a disgrace


December 9th, First I heard of this, when was this approved/passed through?


I thought there was a ban on intercounty work in December?