Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


I’m sure that those fonts of all hurling knowledge Ger Loughnane and/or Cydill Faddell have said that Wex are always one of the great, tradwrishtional counties.


I think this is the biggest issue… and also his rampant energy would wear you down eventually…
Everything else aside, whether he’s good bad or indifferent, constant flogging, demands and his energy been rammed down your throat might take its tole


I agree with that. There is a pattern over three teams now. I know leauge was early and that but training on Christmas day is madness it was simply a bullshit loyalty commitment test. I would have told him to ■■■■ off and wait for the next manager.
Throwing a strop to get the team to travel to Clare to bend the knee was another. I wouldn’t go to that no matter who my manager was. I don’t agree with everything Alan o c would say but when he has a go at intercounty managers df is exhibit a,b and c.


I think there is maybe more to Fitzgerald then meets the eye. I don’t think that Wexford team has any superstars and may be over achieving.

He would probably be better though if he didn’t act the lunatic during games. He can’t be making sensible decisions when hyped up to the max mid game.


Where is your evidence that there is more to him than meets the eye?


Ye agree with that. Anyone from wexford will tell you theyve improved considerably in the last 2 years under him. Anyway this is about Dublin 2019 not a Davey thread.


That’s hard to answer as no two people will agree on ‘what meets the eye’. But really I mean winning an All Ireland with Clare belies the notion of him just being a nutcase who flogs lads to death and jumps up and down on the sideline.


Most Clare people will tell you Paul Kinnerk won that All Ireland for Clare. Seems no coincidence that when Kinnerk left Clare went to hell.

And Wexford have had some good under age teams in the last ten years. Another manager could have done the same with them without the histrionics and massive expenses bill.

I suspect it’ll all end badly this year.


He is not a help. Simple as that.


So eh … anyone got the latest on Dublin hurlers in 2019? Any of Cunningham’s former selectors in for a shout? Despite the outcome he had some decent / well respected selectors with him during his tenure.


Davy Fitz = Mourinho…

Good manager, has won stuff but 3yr wonder and whips through the place like a hurricane…


When is next DCB meeting? Might get some indication on stage of progress for selecting the new manager!


New Jersey to go with the new manager…
Maybe Gilroy didn’t like the new jersey??
Work commitments my back side, definitely didn’t like the new jersey!


Apparently it has ‘Great bunch of lads’ across the back over the number


The Chinese?


Number 64?


And “Unbelievable”!!



The end of the month is a long way away, and the senior championship will be done with by then. It seems strange, but I suspect / hope they know which way they are going and just have to rubber stamp it.


After reading that it looks like they’re waiting on Matty Kenny letting him concentrate total on cuala then approach him when the Dublin champoionship is finished.


Assume they’ll have flown a kite in Dalkey and aren’t just waiting for someone who is not interested.