Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Anyway Wex were no great shakes for sure pre-Davey, though had come on alot from a few years prior. Has Davey improved at all on what previous mgmt achieved? They beat a declining Kk in 2017, then lost against them this year. Got well-beaten by Clare.
Got beaten by Dublin last year, our worst year in the last 8 probably. Lucky to beat us this year despite our weakest performance.


They reached a first Leinster final since 2008 last year. Surely that was progress.


True. I must’ve got caught up in the pre-Davey Wexford hype myself! :crazy_face:


Definitely but they had s few good u21 teams to build on, arguably would have shown improvement under anyone competent.


Theyve beaten Kilkenny a few times since he took over. Ony lost by a point to them in championship this year too. Hes definitely improved them…they beat us too and we were playing decent stuff. They aint good to watch but he gets the best out of a limited group of players i think.


The thing about Davey is he seems to be a short term man. The teams show massive early improvement but fall off a cliff after that.
I’d say the best thing for any team is to get him in for a year, 2 at a push. Let his maniacal, fire and brimstone style get the team going and then stick someone else in who has a bit more composure and nous to develop the team long term.
Big year for him and Wexford. They have good players. If they flop, well then Davey will be proved a short term, one trick pony.


I disagree. He goes in and TELLS them that they are limited and installs this in their minds by insisting on a sweeper. This sends the message to the backs that ‘You are not good enough’. Teams take bad beatings not just because of their backs but also because their forwards don’t keep the ball in their half of the pitch and don’t score enough. Fitzgerald ignores this, as does McGrath. So having diagnosed a problem that may not have existed, they provide the solution. However, teams with four or five forwards will win fcuk all. McGrath won nothing with Waterford and Fitzgerald will win nothing with Wexford.


Agreed 2 or 3 years max but he develops and confidence in the players and interest from the fans in the time he is there which is good.


Yes but mainly because they simply aren’t good enough.


He’s not good enough. He ruined a very good Clare team that was handed to him on a plate. Wexford have some good young talent coming through, including some decent forwards but they will win nothing playing with 7 backs. In fact, we wont know how good Wexford might be, until he leaves.


Will they go back to being as bad as when he arrived?


How good do you think they should be? They are not a top hurling county. 6 All Irelands. None since 1996. A lucky Leinster in 2004 after Mick blocked Henry and got a late goal.


does he burn teams out a bit? you can only gain so much from training like dogs over christmas.


Exactly - so what can Davy do. Sure their footballers won 4 in a row.


Exactly. Davy is a myth. I’m not sure what your reference to the footballers is all about.


Wexford would be more a football county - up there with Dublin and Kerry with their 4 in a row


They contested 6 finals between 1912 and 1918. And that was pretty much that.


One hundred years ago all the talk was of splitting Wexford in two and financial doping because the GAA gave them 2 shillings and 6 pence towards a coaching programme.


They must have invested that 2/6 with the veiw to one having to pay Davy’s expenses!