Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


Ah! You’re alive …


Meant to say nearly relegated, then couldn’t be bothered to repost. And ye do nothing but sneer at a guy who has won all Irelands, national league as manager and player, got wexford, who were going no where to a Leinster final . And where are Dublin? , looking for another manager.


Kinnerk, Moloney and O Connor made the team that won in 2013. When he actually took over and injected his own fears and negativity, they didn’t win a championship match for 3 years apart from Kerry. He ran the bollocks out of Wexford on Christmas day to get out of division 2. They have won ■■■■ all and will go backwards this year. End of.


Next year with wexford will be interesting.Clare havent done much since Davy left, to be fair.
16 panel members went down to meet Davy to stay on. That’s a fair statement.


There were a number of others that want rid of him. What kind of statement is that?

Davy is about Davy. Nothing else. And he’s running out of places to sell his snake oil


DF ruined that Clare squad. Winning that All Ire was in some ways the worst thing that could’ve happened as it kept him there long enough to wreak havoc(CCB also to blame).

Wex were progressing ok before DF, they have gone backwards if anything since. They did already have a problem with generating too much hype and then they took in DF. Say no more…


Don’t agree with that.


You responded… You can just sense his biblical response full of diatribe and nonsense, brilliantly written. The Roy Curtis of bullshit!


Well, it was a stretch. They progressed a bit but I’d agree they didn’t look like going much further.


Sure we beat them … in Wexford! :scream:


Dublin under Ger Cunningham destroyed Wexford in the Leinster quarter final. Was it 2016? That shows how poor Wexford were


I’m sorry @Neo but that was bad post.
Beaten by bad Ref decision v KK, having led for 70 mins.
Beaten by 85 yard freak point v Wexford.
Beat Offaly.
Drew with Galway (last point was two feet wide).
Considering a lot of posters here had us written off at start of the Season because a “Football man took over”.
We put in IMO 3 great performances against teams in the top 6 in the Country.
I’ve stayed very quite since Pat Gilroy stepped down,but, I can tell you firsthand, it was probably the hardest decision the man has ever had to make, and the reason given, not that I give a rats what people on here said at the time, was genuine.
He asks all players to give 100%, and expects no less when they pull on the Dubs Jersey, and in return the players get 100% from Him, Backroom Team and DCB.
And the reason for leaving out of respect for both players & backroom, was that through work commitments he himself couldn’t guarantee 100%, he’s all in or nothing.


We were a bit better in 2016 than last year though no?


Aye - got home to see 2nd half of Italy beating England at Euro 2016 - Balotelli?!


Agree they were no great shakes but they had improved on previous years a bit by then. We were better that year than last year. We had a very inexperienced team missing several of our best players and coming off a terrible base this year. The 2016 Dubs could well have beaten Wex this year


We weren’t imo - they were awful. We were much more competitive last season than then


Not a hope. Next game of that championship showed how good or not so good Dublin were down in O Moore park against KK.

Dublin were on a downward spiral from the time they threw away the 2015 league semi final against Cork followed by missing a handy free to beat Galway in the Leinster championship


We were more competitive in 17 than in 16? Sure weren’t we brutal in 17?


Sorry I’m taking last year as last season which is actually this year!!


Our performance against Wex this summer was probably our weakest of the championship but we almost beat them.

Wex in 2016 had i agree gone as far as they could under that management, but in the few years under that mgmt they had surely improved alot. The point was DF had a decent base compared to what previous mgmt had. Has he improved overall on that? I thought they were terrible this year.